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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(192) by Anne Bishop
  • As he drank the restorative brew Karla had made for him, Saetan tried not to worry. Lucivar could take care of himself; he was a strong, fit, well-trained warrior; he knew his limitations, especially after extending himself so much today; he wouldn't do anything foolish like try to take on a gang of Blood-Jeweled males alone just because he was pissed about the kindred deaths.

    And tomorrow the sun would rise in the west.

    "He's fine," Jaenelle said quietly as she settled next to him on one of the logs the boys had dragged from somewhere to provide seats around the fire. Tucking the spell-warmed blanket around herself, she smiled ruefully. "The Ring'ssupposed to let me monitorhis spikes of temper. I hadn't realized I'd messed up somewhere when I created it until Karla, Morghann, Grezande,and Gabrielle bitched about my setting a bad precedent since all the boyos want a Ring that works like that." Her voice took on a hint of whine. "I always thought it was just extraordinary intuition that he always showed up whenever I felt grumpy.He certainly never hinted it was anything more than that."

    "He's not an idiot, witch-child," Saetan replied, sipping his brew to hide his smile.

    "That's debatable. But why did he have to go and tell the others?"

    He understood why the Queens were annoyed. The foundation of any official court was twelve males and a Queen. Through the Ring of Honor, a Queen could monitor every nuance of a male's life. But because the Queens respected the privacy of the males who served them and because no woman in her right mind would want to keep track of the emotional currents of that many men, they usually adjusted their monitoring to block out everything but things like fear, rage, and pain—the kinds of feelings that indicated the wearer needed help.

    Each man, however, only had to keep track of one Queen.

    He'd have to talk to Lucivar about the self-imposed limits of that kind of monitoring. He'd be interested in where his son drew the line.

    "Speaking of the pain in the ass who's not an idiot," Jaenelle said, pointing to the two figures walking slowly toward the camp.

    Mistral bugled wildly. "Moonshadow! Moonshadow!"

    He took off at a gallop. At least, he tried to.

    As Mistral leaped forward, Gabrielle jumped up from her seat on the other log, reached out, closed her hand as if she'd grabbed something, and jerked her hand up.

    Mistral hung in the air, his legs flailing.

    Gabrielle's arm shook from the effort of holding that much weight suspended, even if she was using Craft. Watching her, Saetan decided he and Chaosti needed to have a chat very soon. A witch who could pull a trick like that after an exhausting day of healing was a Lady who needed careful handling.

    "If you gallop on that leg, I'll knock you silly," Gabrielle said.

    "It's Moonshadow!"

    "I don't care if it's the Queen of the unicorns or your mate," Gabrielle replied hotly. "You're not galloping on that leg!"

    "Actually," Jaenelle said with a dry smile, "she's both."

    "Well, Hell's fire," Gabrielle set Mistral down but didn't let go.

    "Gabrielle," Chaosti said in that coaxing tone of voice Saetan labeled male-soothing-female-temper. "She's his mate. He's been worried. I wouldn't want to wait if it were you. Let him go."

    Gabrielle glared at Chaosti.

    "He'll walk," Chaosti said. "Won't you, Mistral?"

    Mistral wasn't about to turn down allies, even if they did have only two legs. Til walk."

    Reluctantly, Gabrielle released him.

    Mistral plodded toward Moonshadow, his head down like a small boy who's been scolded and hasn't yet gotten away from the scolder's watchful eyes.

    Now see what you did," Khary said. "You made his horn wilt."

    "I'll bet your horn wilts too when you're scolded," Karla said with a wicked smile.

    Before Khary could reply, Jaenelle set her cup down and said quietly, "It's time."

    Everyone became subdued as she walked into the trees. "Do you know what's supposed to happen?" Lucivar asked Saetan when he reached the camp and sat down next to his father.

    Saetan shook his head. Like everyone else in the camp, he couldn't take his eyes off the mare. "Mother Night, she's beautiful."

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