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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(202) by Anne Bishop
  • Blood welled and ran.

    "Prince Lucivar Yaslana, will you serve as First Escort and Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih?"

    Lucivar stared at her for a heartbeat or two, then slowly approached her. "I will serve." He sank to his knees, held her left hand with his right, and placed his mouth over the wound.

    Absolute surrender. Lifetime surrender. By accepting her blood, Lucivar surrendered every aspect of his being for all time. She would rule him, body and soul, mind and Jewels.

    It wasn't long—it was a lifetime—before Lucivar lifted his mouth, rose, and stepped to one side, looking dazed.

    Not surprising, Saetan thought. From where he stood, he could smell the heat, the strength that flowed in her veins.

    "Prince Andulvar Yaslana, will you serve as Master of the Guard?"

    "I will serve," Andulvar said, approaching her and sinking to his knees to accept the lifeblood.

    When Andulvar stepped aside, Jaenelle looked at Saetan. "Prince Saetan Daemon SaDiablo, will you serve as Steward of the Dark Court?"

    Saetan approached slowly, searching her eyes for some clue that would tell him which answer she truly wanted. Since he couldn't ask the question aloud, he reached hesitantly for her mind. "Are you sure?"

    "Of course I'm sure," she replied tartly. "There are times, Saetan, when you're an idiot. The only reason I waited was so that the three of you would know what you were getting into before you agreed."

    "In that case ... " He sank to his knees. "I will serve."

    Just before his mouth closed over the wound, just before his tongue had the first taste of her blood at its mature strength, Jaenelle added, "Besides, who else is going to be willing to referee squabbles?"

    Giving her a sharp look, he took the blood. Night sky, deep earth, the song of the tides, the nurturing darkness of a woman's body. And fire. He tasted all of it, savored it as it washed through him, burned through him, branded him as hers.

    He lifted his mouth and brushed a finger over the wound, using healing Craft to seal it and stop the flow of blood. "It needs to be healed properly."

    "Soon." She withdrew her hand and returned to the Dark Throne.

    No, he decided as he got to his feet and heard everyone else rising, this wasn't a good time for a display of male stubbornness. Besides, the ceremony would be over shortly.

    "Notice anything odd about this court?" Lucivar asked him as tension filled the chamber again.

    Surprised by the question, Saetan looked at all the solemn, determined faces. "Odd? No. They're the same ... "

    It finally struck him. He'd thought of it, discussed it, and then had been so hurt when Jaenelle passed over him that he had failed to see it. The coven had joined the First Circle, and they shouldn't have because they were Territory Queens . . .

    Karla stepped forward. "My Queen. May I speak?"

    "You may speak, my Sister," Jaenelle replied solemnly.. . . and Territory Queens served no one.

    Contained fire lit Karla's ice-blue eyes as she said triumphantly, "Glacia yields to Ebon Askavi!"

    Saetan choked on his heart. Mother Night! Karla was making Jaenelle the ruling power of the Territoryshe was supposed to rule.

    Gabrielle stepped forward. "Dea al Mon yields to Ebon Askavi!"

    "Scelt yields to Ebon Askavi!" Morghann shouted.

    "Nharkhava!" "Dharo!" "Tigrelan!" "Centauran!"

    "Sceval!" "Arceria!" "The Fyreborn Islands!"

    Someone nudged his back, breaking his stunned silence. "Dhemlan yields to Ebon Askavi!"

    He jumped when Andulvar roared, "Askavi yields to Ebon Askavi!"

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