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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(25) by Anne Bishop
  • She had chosen Glacia because it was a northern Territory whose people could be isolated more easily from the Blood in other Territories; it had Hobart, a male whose ambitions outstripped his abilities; and .it had a Dark Altar. So for the first time in a very long time, she had a Gate at her disposal, and a way for carefully chosen males to slip into Kaeleer in order to hunt challenging prey.

    That wasn't the only little game she was playing in Kaeleer, but the others required time and patience—and the assurance that nothing would interfere with her ambitions this time.

    Which was why she was here on thecildru dyathe's island.

    She was just about to question the loyalty of her demon guards when they returned, dragging a struggling boy between them. With a savage curse, they pinned the boy against a tall, flat-sided boulder.

    "Don't hurt him," Hekatah snapped.

    "Yes, Priestess," one of the guards replied sullenly.

    Hekatah studied the boy, who glared back at her. Char, the young Warlord leader of thecildru dyathe. Easy enough to see how he had come by that name. How had he been able to save so much of his body from the fire? He must have had a great deal of Craft skill for one so young. She should have realized that seven years ago when she had tangled with him the first time. Well, she could easily fix that misjudgement.

    Hekatah approached slowly, enjoying the wariness in the boy's eyes. "I mean you no harm, Warlord," she crooned. "I just need your help. I know Jaenelle walks among thecildru dyathe. I want to see her."

    What was left of Char's lips curled in a vicious smile. "Not allcildru dyathe are on this island."

    Hekatah's gold eyes snapped with fury. "You lie. Summon her.Now!"

    "The High Lord is coming," Char said. "He'll be here any moment."

    "Why?" Hekatah demanded.

    "Because I sent for him."


    A strange light filled Char's eyes. "I saw a butterfly yesterday."

    Hekatah wanted to scream in frustration. Instead, she raised her hand, her fingers curved into a claw. "If you want your eyes, little Warlord, you'll summon Jaenellenow."

    Char stared at her. "You truly wish to see her?"


    Char tipped his head back and let out a strange, wild ululation.

    Unnerved by the sound, Hekatah slapped him to make him stop.


    Hekatah ran from the fury in Saetan's thundering voice. Then she glanced over her shoulder and stopped, shocked excitement making her nerves sizzle.

    Saetan leaned heavily on a silver-headed cane, his golden eyes glittering with rage. There was more silver in the thick black hair, and his face was tight with exhaustion. He looked . . . worn-out.

    And he was only wearing his Birthright Red Jewel.

    She didn't even take the time for a fast descent to gather her full strength. She just raised her hand and unleashed the power in her Red-Jeweled ring at his weak leg.

    His cry of pain as he fell was the most satisfying sound she'd heard in years.

    "Seize him!" she screamed at her demons.

    A cold, soft wind sighed across the island.

    The guards hesitated for a moment, but when Saetan tried to get up and failed, they drew their knives and ran toward him.

    The ground trembled slightly. Mist swirled around the rocks, around the barren earth.

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