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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(26) by Anne Bishop
  • Hekatah also ran toward Saetan, wanting to watch the knives cut deep, wanting to watch his blood run. A Guardian's blood! The richness, the strength in it! She would feast on him before dealing with that upstart little demon.

    A howl rose from the abyss, a sound full of joy and pain, rage and celebration.

    Then a tidal wave of dark power flooded thecildru dyathe's island. Psychic lightning set Hell's twilight sky on fire. Thunder shook the land. The howling went on and on.

    Hekatah fell to the ground and curled up as tight as she could.

    Her demons screamed in nerve-shattering agony.

    Go away,Hekatah pleaded silently.Whatever you are, go away.

    Something icy and terrible brushed against her inner barriers, and Hekatah blanked her mind.

    By the time it faded away, the witch storm had faded with it.

    Hekatah pushed herself into a sitting position. Her throat worked convulsively when she saw what was left of her demons.

    There was no sign of Saetan or Char.

    Hekatah slowly got to her feet. Was that Jaenelle—or what was left of Jaenelle? Maybe shewasn't cildru dyathe. Maybe she had faded from demon to ghost and all that was left was that bodiless power.

    It was just as well the girl was dead, Hekatah thought as she caught a White Wind and rode back to the stone building she claimed as her own. It was just as well that whatever was left of Jaenelle would be confined to the Dark Realm. Trying to control that savage power. ... It was just as well the girl was dead.

    Pain surrounded him, filled him. His head felt like it was stuffed with blankets. He clawed his way through, desperate to reach the muffled voices he heard around him: Andulvar's angry rumble, Char's distress.

    Hell's fire! Why were they just sitting there? For the first time in two years, Jaenelle had responded to someone's call. Why weren't they trying to keep her within reach?

    Because Jaenelle was gliding through the abyss too deep for anyone but him to feel her presence. But he couldn't just descend to the level of the Black and summon her. He had to be near her physically, he had to be with her to coax her into remaining with her body.

    "Why did the witch storm hit him so bad?" Char asked fearfully.

    "Because he's an ass," Andulvar growled in reply.

    He redoubled his efforts to break through the muffling layers just so he could snarl at Andulvar. Maybe hehad been channelling too much of the Black strength without giving his body a chance to recover. Maybe hehad been foolish when he'd refused to drink fresh blood to maintain his strength. But that didn't give an Eyrien warrior the right to act like a stubborn, nagging Healer.

    Jaenelle would have cornered him until he'd given in.

    Jaenelle. So close. He might never have another chance.

    He struggled harder.Help me. I have to reach her. Help — "me."

    "High Lord!"

    "Hell's fire, SaDiablo!"

    Saetan grabbed Andulvar's arm and tried to pull himself into a sitting position. "Help me. Before it's too late."

    "You need rest," Andulvar said.

    "There isn't time!" Saetan tried to yell. It came out an infuriating croak. "Jaenelle's still close enough to reach."


    The next thing he knew he was sitting up with Andulvar supporting him and Char kneeling in front of him. He focused on the boy. "How did you summon her?"

    "I don't know," Char wailed. "I don't know. I was just trying to keep Hekatah busy until you came. She kept demanding to see Jaenelle, so I thought . . . Jaenelle and I used to play 'chase me, find me' and that was the sound we used to make. I didn't know she would answer, High Lord. I've called like that lots of times since she went away, and she's never answered."

    "Until now," Saetan said quietly. Why now? He finally noticed he was in a familiar bedroom. "We're at the Keep in Kaeleer?"

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