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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(30) by Anne Bishop
  • Saetan smiled. "I've waited a long time to fuss over a daughter. I intend to revel in it to the fullest."

    "Oh, lucky me," Jaenelle growled.

    He laughed. "No. Luckyme."

    6 / Kaeleer

    Saetan stared at the tonic in the small ravenglass cup and sighed. He had the cup halfway to his lips when someone knocked on the door.

    "Come," he said too eagerly.

    Andulvar entered, followed by his grandson, Prothvar, and Mephis, Saetan's eldest son. Prothvar and Mephis, like Andulvar, had become demon-dead during that long-ago war between Terreille and Kaeleer. Geoffrey, the Keep's historian/librarian, entered last.

    "Try this," Saetan said, holding out the cup to Andulvar.

    "Why?" Andulvar asked, eyeing the cup. "What's in it?"

    Damn Eyrien wariness. "It's a tonic Jaenelle made for me. She says I'm still looking peaky."

    "You are," Andulvar growled. "So drink it."

    Saetan ground his teeth.

    "It doesn't smell bad," Prothvar said, pulling his wings tighter to his body when Saetan glared at him.

    "It doesn't taste bad either," Saetan said, trying to be fair.

    "Then what's the problem?" Geoffrey asked, crossing his arms. He frowned at the cup, his black eyebrows echoing his widow's peak. "Are you concerned that she doesn't have the training to make that kind of tonic? Do you think she's done it incorrectly?"

    Saetan raised one eyebrow. "We're talking about Jaenelle."

    "Ah," Geoffrey said, eyeing the cup with some trepidation. "Yes."

    Saetan held the cup out to him. "Tell me what you think."

    Andulvar braced his fists on his hips. "Why are you so eager to share it? If there's nothing wrong with it, why won'tyou drink it?"

    "I do. I have. Every day for the past two weeks," Saetan grumbled. "But it's just so damn . .. potent." The last word was almost a plea.

    Geoffrey accepted the cup, took a small sip, rolled the liquid on his tongue, and swallowed. As he handed the cup to Andulvar, he started gasping and pressed his hands to his stomach.

    "Geoffrey?" Alarmed, Saetan grabbed Geoffrey's arm as the older Guardian swayed.

    "Is it supposed to feel like that?" Geoffrey wheezed.

    "Like what?" Saetan asked cautiously.

    "Like an avalanche hitting your stomach."

    Saetan sighed with relief. "It doesn't last long, and the tonicdoes have some astonishing curative powers, but ..."

    "The initial sensation is a bit unsettling."

    "Exactly," Saetan said dryly.

    Andulvar studied the two Guardians and shrugged. He took a sip, passed the cup to Prothvar, who took a sip and passed it to Mephis.

    When the cup reached Saetan, it was still two-thirds full. He sighed, took a sip, and set the cup on an empty curio table.

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