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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(34) by Anne Bishop
  • Saetan started coughing to hide his own dismay and give the others time to school their expressions. It was one thing for Andulvar to step onto the battlefield. It was quite another to drag them all with him.

    Jaenelle fluffed her hair. "It starts to lose its potency an hour after it's made, but it's no trouble to make another batch later on."

    Andulvar nodded, his expression serious. "Thank you."

    Jaenelle smiled shyly and slipped out of the room.

    Saetan waited until he was sure she was out of earshot before turning on Andulvar. "You unconscionable prick," he snarled.

    "That's a big word coming from a man who's going to have to drink two glasses of this a day," Andulvar replied smugly.

    "We could always pour it into the plants," Prothvar said, looking around for some greenery.

    "I already tried that," Saetan growled. "Draca's only comment was that if another plant should suffer a sudden demise, she'd ask Jaenelle to look into it."

    Andulvar chuckled, giving the other four men a reason to snarl at him. "Everyone expects Hayllians to be devious, but Eyriens are known for their forthright dealings. So when one ofus acts deviously ..."

    "You did it so she'd have a reason to check up on us," Mephis said, eyeing his glass. "I thank you for that, Andulvar, but couldn't—"

    Saetan sprang to his feet. "It loses its potency after an hour."

    Andulvar raised his glass in a salute. "Just so."

    Saetan smiled. "If we hold back half of each dose so that it's lost most of its potency and then mix it with the fresh dose . . ."

    "We'll have a restorative tonic that has a tolerable potency," Geoffrey finished, looking pleased.

    "If she finds out, she'll kill us," Prothvar grumbled.

    Saetan raised an eyebrow. "All things considered, my fine demon, it's a little late to be concerned aboutthat, don't you think?"

    Prothvar almost blushed.

    Saetan narrowed his golden eyes at Andulvar. "But we didn't know it would lose its potency untilafter you asked for a second dose."

    Andulvar shrugged. "Most healing brews have to be taken shortly after they're made. It was worth the gamble." He smiled at Saetan with all the arrogance only an Eyrien male was capable of. "However, if you're admitting your balls aren't as big—"

    Saetan said something pithy and to the point.

    "Then there's no problem, is there?" Andulvar replied.

    They looked at each other, centuries of friendship, rivalry, and understanding reflected in two pairs of golden eyes. They raised their glasses and waited for the others to follow suit.

    "To Jaenelle," Saetan said.

    "To Jaenelle," the others replied.

    Then they sighed in unison and swallowed half their tonic.

    7 / Kaeleer

    Not quite content, Saetan watched the lights of Riada, the largest Blood village in Ebon Rih and the closest one to the Keep, shine up from the valley's fertile darkness like captured pieces of starlight.

    He had watched the sun rise today. No, more than that. He had stood in one of the small formal gardens and had actually felt the sun's warmth on his face. For the first time in more centuries than he cared to count, there had been no lancing pain in his temples, no brutal stomach-twisting headache to tell him just how far he had stepped from the living, no weakening in his strength.

    He was as physically strong now as when he first became a Guardian, first began walking that fine line between living and dead.

    Jaenelle and her tonic had done that. Had done more than that.

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