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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(36) by Anne Bishop
  • It was sometimes difficult to perceive inflections in Draca's sibilant voice, but the words sounded more like a command than a question. "Yes," Saetan said, "I think she was."

    A long silence. "It iss time for the Lady to leave the Keep. You are her legal guardian. You will make the arrangementss."

    Saetan's throat tightened. The muscles in his chest constricted. "I had promised her that she could stay here."

    "It iss time for the Lady to leave. Sshe will live with you at SsaDiablo Hall."

    "I propose an alternative," Cassandra said quickly, pressing her fists into her lap. She didn't even glance at Saetan. "Jaenelle could live with me. Everyone knows who—and what—Saetan is, but I—"

    Titian twisted around in her chair. "Do you really believe no one in the Shadow Realm knows you're a Guardian? Did you really think your masquerading as one of the living had fooled anyone?"

    Anger flared in Cassandra's eyes. "I've always been careful—"

    "You've always been a liar. At least the High Lord has been honest about what he is."

    "But heis the High Lord—and that's the point."

    "Thepoint is you want to be the one who shapes Jaenelle just like Hekatah wants to shape Jaenelle, to mold her into an image ofyour choosing instead of letting her be what she is."

    "How dare you speak to me like that? I'm a Black-Jeweled Queen!"

    "You're not my Queen," Titian snarled.

    "Ladies."Saetan's voice rolled through the room like soft thunder. He took a moment to steady his temper before turning his attention back to Draca.

    "Sshe will live at the Hall," Draca said firmly. "It iss decided."

    "Since you haven't discussed this with any of us until now,who decided this?" Cassandra said sharply.

    "Lorn hass decided."

    Saetan forgot how to breathe.

    Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful.

    No one argued. No one made so much as a sound.

    Saetan realized his hands were shaking. "Could I talk to him? There are some things he may not understand about—"

    "He undersstandss, High Lord."

    Saetan looked up at the Seneschal of Ebon Askavi.

    "The time hass not yet come for you to meet him," Draca said. "But itwill come." She tipped her head slightly. It was as much deference as she ever showed to anyone. Except, perhaps, to Jaenelle.

    They watched her leave, listening to her slow, careful footsteps until the sound faded away completely.

    Andulvar let his breath out in an explosiveffooooh. "When she wants to cut someone off at the knees, she's got an impressive knife."

    Saetan leaned his head against the chair and closed his eyes. "Doesn't she though?"

    Cassandra carefully rearranged her shawl and stood up, not looking at any of them. "If you'll excuse me, I'll retire now."

    They rose and bid her good night.

    Titian also excused herself. But before she left, she gave Saetan a sly smile. "Living at the Hall with Jaenelle will probably be difficult, High Lord, but not for the reasons you think."

    "Mother Night," Saetan muttered before turning to the other men.

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