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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(47) by Anne Bishop
  • The Prince of the Darkness, the High Lord of Hell studied her, weighing, judging, and finally replied, "My daughter."

    4 / Hell

    Mephis dropped the file on the desk in Saetan's private study and began rubbing his hands as if to clean away some filth. Saetan turned his hand in an opening gesture. The file

    opened, revealing several sheets of Mephis's tightly packed writing.

    "We're going to do something about him, aren't we?" Mephis snarled.

    Saetan called in his half-moon glasses, settled them carefully on the bridge of his nose, and picked up the first sheet. "Let me read."

    Mephis slammed his hands on the desk. "He's an obscenity!"

    Saetan looked over his glasses at his eldest son, betraying none of the anger beginning to bloom. "Let me read, Mephis."

    Mephis sprang away from the desk with a snarl and started pacing.

    Saetan read the report and then read it again. Finally, he closed the file, vanished the glasses, and waited for Mephis to settle down.

    Obscene was an inadequate word for Lord Menzar, the administrator of Halaway's school. Unfortunate accidents or illnesses had allowed Menzar to step into a position of authority at schools in several Districts in Dhemlan—accidents he couldn't be linked to, that had no scent of him. He always showed just enough deference to please, just enough self-assurance to convince others of his ability. And there he would be, carefully undercutting the ancient code of honor and snipping away at the fragile web of trust that bound men and women of the Blood.

    What would happen to the Blood once that trust was destroyed? All one had to do was look at Terreille to see the answer.

    Mephis stood before the desk, his hands clenched. "What are we going to do?"

    "I'll take care of it, Mephis," Saetan said too softly. "If Menzar has been free to spread his poison this long, it's because I wasn't vigilant enough to detect him."

    "What about all the Queens and their First Circles who also weren't vigilant enough to detect him when he was in their territories? You didn't ignore a warning that had been sent, younever got any warning until Sylvia came to you."

    "The responsibility is still mine, Mephis." When Mephis

    equal to Menzar's wages. The house is leased? Pay the lease for a five-year period."

    Mephis crossed his arms. "Without the rent to pay, it will be more money than she's ever had at her disposal."

    "It'll give her the time and the means to rest. There's no reason she should pay for her brother's crimes. If her wits have been buried beneath Menzar's manipulation, they'll surface. If she's truly incapable of taking care of herself, we'll make other arrangements."

    Mephis looked troubled. "About the execution ..."

    "I'll take care of it, Mephis." Saetan came around the desk and brushed his shoulder against his son's. "Besides, there's something else I want you to do." He waited until Mephis looked at him. "You still have the town house in Amdarh?"

    "You know I do."

    "And you still enjoy the theater?"

    "Very much," Mephis said, puzzled. "I rent a box each season."

    "Are there any plays that might intrigue a fifteen-year-old girl?"

    Mephis smiled in understanding. "A couple of them next week."

    Saetan's answering smile was chilling. "Well-timed, I think. An outing to Dhemlan's capital with her elder brother before her new tutors begin making demands on her time will suit our plans very well."

    5 / Terreille

    Lucivar's legs quivered from exhaustion and pain. Chained facing the back wall of his cell, he tried to rest his chest against it to lessen the strain on his legs, tried to ignore the tension in his shoulders and neck.

    The tears came, slow and silent at first, then building into rib-squeezing, racking sobs of pent-up grief.

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