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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(64) by Anne Bishop
  • "Roxie!" she snapped as she caught the doorway to stop her forward momentum. "You have spells to finish."

    Roxie waved her hand airily. "Oh, I've just got one or two left."

    "Then do them."

    Roxie pouted and looked at Saetan for support.

    There was no expression on his face. Worse, there was no expression in his eyes. Hell's fire! He was ready to rip out that lash-batting ninny's throat and she didn't even realize it!

    Luthvian dragged Roxie out of the parlor and down the hall, finally shoving her toward the student workroom.

    Roxie stamped her foot. "You can't treat me like this! My father's an important Warlord in Doun and my mother's—

    Luthvian squeezed Roxie's arm, and hissed, "Listen, you little fool. You're playing with someone you can't even begin to understand."

    "He likes me."

    "He wants to kill you."

    Roxie looked stunned for a moment. Then a calculating look came into her eyes. "You're jealous."

    It took all of her self-control not to slap the ninny hard enough to make her spin. "Go to the workroom andstay there." She waited until Roxie slammed the workroom door before returning to the parlor.

    Pacing restlessly, Saetan was swearing under his breath as he raked his fingers through his hair. His anger didn't surprise her, but the effort he was making to keep it from being felt beyond this room did.

    "I'm surprised you didn't give Roxie a real taste of your temper," Luthvian said, staying close to the door. "Why didn't you?"

    "I have my reasons," he snarled.

    "Reasons, High Lord? Or just one?"

    Saetan snapped to a halt and looked past her. "Is the lesson over already?" he asked uneasily.

    "She's practicing by herself." Luthvian hated talking to him when he was angry, so she decided to be blunt. "Why are you bothering to teach her the Hourglass's ways when she's still untrained?"

    "I never said she was untrained," Saetan replied, starting to pace again. "I said she needed help with basic Craft."

    "Until a witch has the basics, she can't do much else."

    "Don't bet on it."

    Saetan kept pacing, but it wasn't out of anger. Luthvian watched him and decided she didn't like seeing the High Lord nervous. She didn't like it at all. "What haven't you told me?"

    "Everything. I wanted you to meet her first."

    "She's got a lot of raw power for someone who doesn't wear Jewels."

    "She wears Jewels. Believe me, Luthvian, Jaenelle wears Jewels."

    "Then what—"

    A loud whoop sent them hurrying to her workroom.

    Saetan pushed the door open and froze. Luthvian started to push past him but ended up clinging to his arm for support.

    The table was slowly revolving clockwise and also rotating as if it were on a spit. There were now a dozen wooden boxes, some flush to the table's top, others floating above it, and all of them were spinning slowly. Seven brightly colored wooden balls were performing an intricate dance around the boxes. And every single object was maintaining its position to that revolving, rotating table.

    With a lot of effort, Luthvian thought she might be able to control something that intricate, but it should have taken years to acquire that kind of skill. You just didn't start with one ball you couldn't move and end up with this in a matter of minutes.

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