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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(81) by Anne Bishop
  • The stallion shook his head and stamped one foot.

    Finally, looking annoyed and embarrassed, she wrapped her hands in the long white mane and settled herself on his back.

    The stallion walked away from the Hall, staying on the grass next to the drive. When they turned back toward the Hall, he changed to an easy canter. When they started the second loop, Smoke joined them.

    "Come on," Saetan said.

    He and Andulvar hurried to the great hall. Most of the house staff were pressed against the windows of the drawing rooms on either side of the hall, and Beale was peering through a crack in the front door.

    "Open the door, Beale."

    Startled by Saetan's voice, Beale jerked away from the door.

    Pretending he didn't see Beale struggling to assume a proper stoic expression, Saetan swung the door open and stepped out while Andulvar stayed in the shadowy doorway.

    She looked beautiful with her wind-tossed golden hair and her face lit from within by happiness. She belonged on a unicorn's back with a wolf beside her. He felt a pang of regret that she was cantering over a clipped lawn instead of in a wild glade. It was as if, by bringing her here, he had somehow clipped her wings—and he wondered if it were true. Then she saw him, and the stallion turned toward the door.

    Reminding himself that he wore the darker Jewel, Saetan tried to relax—and couldn't. A Blood Prince, even a wolf, would accept his relationship with Jaenelle simply because he, a Warlord Prince, claimed her. Another Warlord Prince would challenge that claim, especially if it might interfere with his own, until the Lady acknowledged it.

    As he went down the steps to meet them, Saetan felt the challenge being issued from the other side of the mental hedge, a demand that he acknowledge the stallion's prior claim. He silently met the challenge, opening himself just enough for the other Warlord Prince to feel his strength. But he didn't deny the unicorn's claim to Jaenelle.

    Interested, the stallion pricked his ears.

    "Papa, this is Prince Kaetien," Jaenelle said as she stroked the stallion's neck. "He was the first friend I made in Kaeleer."

    Oh, yes. Avery prior claim. And not one to be taken lightly. In the Old Tongue, "kaetien" meant "white fire," and he didn't doubt for a moment that the name fit this four-footed Brother.

    "Kaetien," Jaenelle said, "this is the High Lord, my sire."

    Kaetien backed away from the Saetan, his ears tight to his head.

    "No, no," Jaenelle said hurriedly. "He's notthat one. He's myadopted sire. He was the friend who was teaching me Craft, and now I'm living with him here."

    The stallion snorted, relaxed.

    Watching them, Saetan kept his feelings carefully hidden. He wouldn't push—yet—but sometime soon he and Kaetien were going to have a little talk about Jaenelle's sire.

    Kaetien pawed the gravel as two young grooms slowly approached. The older of the two brushed his fingers against his cap brim. "Do you think the Prince would like some feed and a little grooming?"

    Jaenelle hesitated, then smiled as she continued to stroke Kaetien's neck. "I should have my breakfast now," she said quietly. She tried to finger-comb her hair and made a face. "And I could use some grooming myself."

    Kaetien tossed his head in what could be interpreted as agreement.

    Jaenelle dismounted and ran up the steps. Then she spun around, her hands on her hips and fire in her eyes. "I did not fall off! I just wasn't balanced."

    Kaetien looked at her and snorted.

    "My legs are not weak, there's nothing wrong with my seat, and I'll thank you to keep your nose in your own feed bag! /do so eat!" She looked at Saetan. "Don't I?" She narrowed her eyes. "Don't I?"

    Since silence was his safest choice, Saetan didn't reply.

    Jaenelle narrowed her eyes a little more and snarled, "Males."

    Satisfied, Kaetien followed the grooms to the stables.

    Muttering under her breath, Jaenelle stomped past Andulvar and Beale and headed for the breakfast room.

    With a cheerful whuff, Smoke continued his morning rounds.

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