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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(82) by Anne Bishop
  • "He deliberately baited her," Andulvar said from the doorway.

    "It would seem so," Saetan agreed, chuckling. They headed for the breakfast room—slowly. "But isn't it comforting to know that some of our Brothers have developed a wonderful knack for badgering her."

    "That particular Brother probably knows how much ground he can cover in a flat-out gallop."

    Saetan smiled. "I imagine they both know."

    She was sitting at the breakfast table, shredding a piece of toast.

    Saetan cautiously took a seat on the opposite side of the table, poured a cup of tea, and felt grateful toast was the only thing she seemed interested in shredding.

    "Thanks for backing me up," she said tartly.

    "You wouldn't want me to lie to another Warlord Prince, would you?"

    Jaenelle glared at him. "I'd forgotten how bossy Kaetien can be."

    "He can't help it," he said soothingly. "It's part of what he is."

    "Not all unicorns are bossy."

    "I was thinking of Warlord Princes."

    She looked startled. Then she smiled. "You should know." She reached for another piece of toast and began shredding it, her mood suddenly pensive. "Papa? Do you really think they'd come?"

    His hand stuttered but he got the cup to his lips. "Your human friends?" he asked calmly.

    She nodded.

    He reached across the table and covered her restless hands with his. "There's only one way to find out, witch-child. Write the invitations, and I'll see that they're delivered."

    Jaenelle wiped her hands on her napkin. "I'm going to see how Kaetien's doing."

    Saetan picked at his breakfast steak for a while, drank

    another cup of tea, and finally gave up. He needed to talk to someone, needed to share the apprehension and excitement fizzing in his stomach. He'd tell Cassandra, of course, but their communication was always formal now and he didn't want to be formal. He wanted to yip and chase his tail. Sylvia? She liked Jaenelle and would welcome the news—all the news—but it was too early to drop in on her.

    That left him with one choice.

    Saetan grinned.

    Andulvar would be comfortably settled in by now. A punch in the shoulder would do him good.

    6 / Hell

    Titian cleaned her knife with a scrap from the black coat while the other Harpies hacked up the meat and tossed the pieces to the pack of Hounds waiting in a half circle around the body.

    The body twitched and still feebly struggled, but the bastard could no longer scream for help and the muted sounds he made filled her with satisfaction. A demon couldn't feel pain the way the living did, but pain was a cumulative thing, and he hadn't been dead long enough for his nerves to forget the sensation.

    A Harpy tossed a large chunk of thigh toward the pack. The pack leader snatched it in midair and backed away with his prize, snarling. The rest of the pack re-formed the half circle and waited their turn. The Hound bitches watched their pups gnaw at fingers and toes.

    Demons weren't usually the Hell Hounds' meat. There was better prey for these large, black-furred, red-eyed hunters, prey as native to this cold, forever-twilight Realm as the Hounds themselves. But this demon's flesh was saturated with too much fresh blood—blood Titian knew hadn't come from voluntary offerings.

    It had taken a while to hunt him down. He hadn't strayed far from Hekatah since the High Lord had made his request. Until tonight.

    There were no Gates in Hekatah's territory, and the clos-

    est two were now fiercely guarded. One was beside the Hall, a place Hekatah no longer dared approach, and the other was in the Harpies' territory, Titian's territory. Not a place for the unwary, no matter how arrogant. That meant Hekatah and her minions had to travel a long distance on the Winds to reach another Gate, or they had to take risks.

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