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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(84) by Anne Bishop
  • Sylvia burst into the great hall, looking a little too lovely with her golden eyes shining and her cheeks flushed. "The wolf pups hid Jaenelle's shoes and it took a while to find them," she said breathlessly. "She's on her way down, but I didn't want to be late."

    Saetan smiled at her. "You're not—"

    A clock struck three times.

    Cassandra made a quiet, unhappy sound and stepped away from him.

    For the first time since he'd told her about the party, Sylvia's eyes filled with concern.

    They all stood in the great hall, silently waiting, while Beale stood woodenly by the front door and the footmen who would take the outer garments stared straight ahead.

    The minutes ticked past.

    Sylvia rubbed her forehead and sighed. "I'd better go up—"

    "We don't need any more ofyour kind of help," Cassandra said coldly as she brushed past Sylvia. "You set her up . for this."

    Sylvia grabbed Cassandra's arm and spun her around. "Maybe I was too enthusiastic, but you did everything but say outright that she would never have a friend for the rest of her life!"

    "Ladies," Saetan warned, stepping toward them.

    "What could you possibly know about wearing the Black?" Cassandra snapped. "Ilived with that isolation—"



    "Hell's fire," Andulvar muttered.


    Beale leaped to open the front door while it was still intact.

    She swept into the great hall, stopping where the sunlight

    coming from the lead glass window above the double doors produced a natural spotlight. Tall and slim, she wore severely tailored, dark blue trousers, a loose jacket, and heeled boots. Her white-blond hair rose in spiky peaks above her head like sculptured ice. Darkened eyebrows and lashes framed ice-blue eyes.

    "Sisters," she said, giving Sylvia and Cassandra a perfunctory nod that couldn't quite be called insolent. Then her eyes raked over Saetan from head to toe.

    Saetan held his breath. Even if Lord Morton hadn't slunk in behind her, he would have bet this was Karla, the young Glacian Queen.

    "Well," Karla said, "you're not bad-looking for a corpse."

    Before he could reply, Jaenelle's serene but amused voice said, "You're only half-right, darling. He's not a corpse."

    Karla whirled toward the informal drawing room, where Jaenelle leaned against the doorway, her fingers hooked in the jacket thrown over one shoulder.

    Karla let out a screech that raised the hairs on Saetan's neck.

    "You've got tits!" Karla pulled open the blue jacket, revealing a silver, just as skimpy top. "So do I, if you call these lovely little bee stings tits." Smiling the wickedest smile Saetan had ever seen, she turned back to him. "What do you think?"

    He didn't stop to think. "Are you asking if I think they're lovely or if I think they're bee strings?"

    Karla closed the jacket, crossed her arms, and narrowed those ice-blue eyes. "Sassy, isn't he?"

    "Well, heis a Warlord Prince," Jaenelle replied.

    Ice-blue eyes met sapphire eyes. Both girls smiled.

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