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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(85) by Anne Bishop
  • Karla shrugged. "Oh, all right. I'll be a polite guest." She stepped up to Saetan, and that wicked smile bloomed. "Kiss kiss."

    He refused to give her the satisfaction of seeing him


    Karla turned away from him and headed for Jaenelle."You've got some explaining to do. I had to figure out all

    those damn spells by myself." She swept Jaenelle into the drawing room and closed the door.

    Saetan stared at his shoe. "Damn it, shedid step on my toes," he muttered before realizing Morton had come close enough to hear him.

    "H-High Lord."

    "Lord Morton, I have only one thing to say to you."

    "Sir?" Morton tried to suppress a shiver.

    Saetan tried to suppress a rueful smile and couldn't. "You have my heartfelt sympathy."

    Morton melted with relief. "Thank you, sir. I could use it."

    "Help yourself to the refreshments in there," Saetan said, making a slight gesture toward the closed door. "And if they start making plans to knock down any walls, let me know."


    For one panicked moment, Saetan thought the caution had been made too late. Then he realized someone was, more or less, knocking on the front door.

    If Karla was ice, this one was fire, with her dark red hair flowing down her back, her green eyes flashing, and a swirling gown that looked like an autumn woods in motion. She headed for Saetan but veered when Jaenelle and Karla poked their heads out of the drawing room. Grinning, she held up a cloth bundle. "I wasn't sure if we would end up in the stables or digging in the garden, so I brought some real clothes."

    Saetan stifled a growl. Didn'tany of them like to dress up?

    The girls disappeared into the drawing room—and closed the door.

    The youth who'd come in with the fire witch was tall, good-looking, and a couple of years older. He had curly brown hair and blue eyes. Smiling, he extended one hand in informal greeting.

    With his stomach sinking toward his heels, Saetan clasped the offered hand. There were a lot of ways he could describe those blue eyes. They all meant trouble.

    "You must be the High Lord," the young Warlord said

    with a smile. "I'm Khardeen, from the isle of Scelt." He jerked his thumb toward the drawing room. "That's Morghann."

    The drawing room door opened. Jaenelle approached them hesitantly. Then she held out both hands in formal greeting. "Hello, Khary."

    Khary looked at the offered hands and turned back to Saetan. "Did Jaenelle ever tell you about her adventure with my uncle's stone—"

    "Khary,"Jaenelle gasped, glancing nervously at Saetan.

    "Hmm?" Khary smiled at her. "Did you know that a proper hug can toss a thought right out of a man's head? It's a well-known fact. I'm surprised you hadn't heard of it."

    Jaenelle had been balanced on the balls of her feet, ready to bolt. Now her heels came down and her eyes narrowed. "Really."

    Watching the two of them, Saetan decided the prudent thing was to stand still and keep his mouth shut.

    Seconds passed. When Jaenelle didn't move, Khardeen turned back to him. "You see, my—"

    Jaenelle moved.

    "You don't have to hugall the air out of me," Khary said as he carefully wrapped his arms around her.

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