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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(87) by Anne Bishop
  • They both had the slender, sinewy build that was as inherent to their race as the delicately pointed ears. Both wore their silver hair long and unbound. Both had the large, forest-blue eyes, although the girl's had a touch more gray.

    The girl, Gabrielle, stopped just inside the door. The boy—oh, no, it would be extremely foolish to think of Chaosti as a boy—came forward slowly, silently.

    Saetan fought the instincts that always came to the fore at the appearance of an unknown Warlord Prince. Because they hadn't approached him, Elan and Aaron hadn't pricked those instincts. Sceron had just managed to scratch the surface. But this one, calmly staring at him with those large eyes, made all the aggressiveness and territoriality that was part of a Warlord Prine boil to the surface.

    Saetan felt himself rising to the killing edge, and knew Chaosti was also rising, but instinct was driving him too hard to hold it back.

    "Chaosti," Jaenelle said in her midnight voice.

    Chaosti slowly turned to face her.

    "He's my father, Chaosti," Jaenelle said. "By my choice."

    After a long moment, Chaosti placed a hand over his heart. "By your choice, cousin," he replied in a deceptively quiet tenor voice.

    Jaenelle led the girls into the informal drawing room and closed the door.

    The males let out a collective sigh of relief.

    Chaosti turned to face Saetan. "She's been away so long and has been deeply missed. Titian said you weren't to blame, but—"

    "But I'm the High Lord," Saetan said with a trace of bitterness.

    "No," Chaosti replied, smiling coolly, "you are not Dea al Mon."

    Saetan felt his body relax. "Why do you call her 'cousin'?"

    "Gabrielle and I belong to the same clan. Grand mammy Teele is the matriarch. She also adopted Jaenelle." Chaosti's smile turned feral. "So you are kin of my kin—which makes you Titian's kin as well."

    Saetan wheezed.

    Khardeen approached them. "If we want anything to eat, I think we're going to have to fight for it," he said to Chaosti.

    "I'll accept any challenge a male wants to make," Chaosti snapped.

    "The girls are between us and the food."

    Chaosti sighed. "Challenging another male would be easier."

    "Safer, too."

    "Gentlemen," Beale said. "Refreshments are also being served in the formal drawing room."

    "Have you ever heard that red-haired witches have hot tempers?" Khardeen asked as he and Chaosti followed the other males into the formal drawing room.

    "There are no red-haired witches among the Dea al Mon," Chaosti replied, "and theyall have hot tempers."

    "Ah. Well, then."

    The door closed behind them.

    Saetan jumped when a hand squeezed his shoulder.

    "You all right?" Andulvar asked quietly.

    "Am I still standing up?"

    "You're vertical."

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