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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(88) by Anne Bishop
  • "Thank the Darkness." Saetan looked around. He and Andulvar were the only ones left in the great hall. "Let's hide in my study."


    They drank two glasses of yarbarah and finally relaxed when an hour had passed without any shrieks, bangs, or booms.

    "Mother Night." Saetan wearily striped off his jacket and slumped in one of the comfortable, oversized chairs.

    "By my count," Andulvar said as he refilled the glasses, "including the waif, you've got ten adolescent witches in one room—Queens every one of them, and two besides Jaenelle who are natural Black Widows."

    "Karla and Gabrielle. I noticed." Saetan closed his eyes.

    "In the other room, you have seven young males, four of whom are Warlord Princes."

    "I noticed that, too. It makes a very interesting First Circle, don't you think?"

    Andulvar muttered in Eyrien. Saetan chose not to translate it.

    "Where do you think the others went?" Andulvar asked.

    "If Mephis and Prothvar have any sense at all, they're hiding somewhere. Sylvia is no doubt passing out nut cakes and sandwiches. Cassandra?" Saetan shrugged. "I don't think she was prepared for this."

    "Were you?"

    "Shit." When someone tapped on the study door, Saetan thought about sitting up straighter, then decided not to bother. "Come."

    A smiling Khardeen entered and placed sixteen sealed envelopes on the blackwood table. "I told Jaenelle I'd drop these off to you. We're going out to meet the wolves and the unicorn."

    "Finished devouring the kitchen already?" Saetan asked as he picked up one of the envelopes.

    "At least until dinner."

    "Plant your feet, Warlord," Saetan said, stopping Khardeen's hasty retreat. He broke the formal seal, called in his

    half-moon glasses, and read the message. Then he stared at Khary. "This is from Lady Duana."

    "Mmm," Khary said, rocking on his heels. "Morghann's grandmother."

    "The Queen of Scelt is Morghann's grandmother?"

    Khary stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Mmm."

    Saetan placed his glasses carefully on the table. "Let's skip the hunt and just tree the prey. Do all these letters say the same thing?"

    "What's that, High Lord?" Khary asked innocently.

    "All of these letters give permission for an extended visit?"

    "So I gathered."

    "Define 'extended visit.'"

    "Not long. Just the rest of the summer."

    Saetan couldn't speak. Wasn't sure what he'd say if he could.

    "Everything is being taken care of," Khary said soothingly. "Lord Beale and Lady Helene are taking care of the room assignments right now, so there's nothing for you to worry about."

    "Noth—" Saetan's voice cracked.

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