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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(94) by Anne Bishop
  • "Vase. Bah!" Dujae ripped the page from the pad, crumpled it, and threw it over his shoulder. He pointed at Karla.

    Did Dujae realize just how close his finger was to Karla's teeth?

    "You are a Queen, yes?" Dujae continued to roar. "You do this for fun when you are finished with the hard lessons of your Craft, yes? You do this because Ladies must learn many things to be good Queens, yes? You do not make polite, itsy-bitsy drawings." He scrunched up his shoulders, scrunched up his face, tucked his wrist under his chin, and made tiny scratching motions. "Bah!" He pulled Karla out of Saetan's arms, spun her around, engulfed her hand in his own, and began making large, circular motions. "There is fire in your heart, yes? That fire needs charcoal and a large pad to express itself. Then when you want to draw a vase, you draw a vase."

    "B-but—" Karla stammered, watching her hand sweep round and round.

    "That vase you try to draw, that is someone else's vase. Use it as a model. Models are good. Then you drawyour

    vase,the one that reveals the fire, the one that says I am a" witch, I am a Queen, I am—" Dujae finally hesitated.

    "Karla," she said meekly.

    "karla!"Dujae roared.

    "What's going on?" Jaenelle asked from the doorway. Gabrielle stood beside her.

    Saetan settled on the corner of his desk and crossed his arms, resigned to whatever the little darlings were about to do.

    Seeing the other girls, Dujae released Karla and stepped back.

    "Do we have any charcoal?" Karla asked, wiping her eyes.

    "We have some, but Lord Stuffy says charcoal is messy and not the proper medium for Ladies," Gabrielle said tartly.

    Saetan stared at Gabrielle and wondered what sort of idiot he'd hired as an art instructor.

    Then he felt the blood rush out of his head. He gripped the desk, willing himself not to faint. He'd never fainted. This would be a very bad time to start.

    With the other girls around them, he hadn't recognized the triangle of power. Karla, Gabrielle, Jaenelle. Three strong Queens who were also natural Black Widows.

    May the Darkness be merciful,he thought.That trio could tear apart anything or anyone —or build anything they wanted.

    "High Lord?"

    Saetan blinked. He took a deep breath. His lungs still worked, sort of. Finally sure he wasn't going to keel over, he looked around. Dujae was the only one left in the room.

    Dujae twisted his cap. "I did not mean to interfere."

    "Too late now," Saetan muttered.

    Three blond heads appeared at the study door.

    "Hey," Karla said. "We've got the charcoal and large sketch pads. Aren't you coming?"

    Dujae continued to twist his cap. "I cannot, Ladies."

    "Why not?" Jaenelle asked as the three of them entered the study.

    Dujae looked beseechingly at Saetan, who refused to look at anything but the point of his shoe.

    "I—I am Dujae, Lady."

    Jaenelle looked pleased. "You paintedDescent into Hell"

    Dujae's eyes widened.

    "Why can't you give us drawing lessons?" Gabrielle said.

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