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  • Heir to the Shadows(Black Jewels,Book 2)(99) by Anne Bishop
  • "Must have been tasty," Saetan murmured.

    The wolf licked his chops and whuffed softly.

    Mrs. Beale growled.

    "What about a different meat?" Saetan said quickly. "I'm sure our young friend could find a couple of rabbits."

    "Rabbits?" Mrs. Beale waved her hand, slicing the air in several directions. "I'm to fillrabbits with my nut and rice stuffing?"

    "No, of course not. How foolish of me. A stew perhaps? I noticed last week that Jaenelle and Karla had second helpings of your stew."

    "Noticed myself that that serving dish had come back empty," Mrs. Beale muttered. She pointed at the wolf. "Two rabbits. And not scrawny ones either." She turned on her heel and stomped away.

    Lord Magstrom signed gustily.

    Lord Friall stumbled into his chair.

    Saetan wondered if he had any bone left in his legs. This was turning into a typical afternoon after all. He scratched the wolf behind the ears. "You understand?" He held up two fingers. "Two plump bunnies for Mrs. Beale. Tarl says there are plenty of them fattening themselves up in the vegetable garden." He gave the wolf a last scratch. "Off with you."

    After nuzzling Saetan's hand, the wolf trotted out the door.

    "You let a woman like that work here when there are children in the house?" Friall sputtered. "And you keep a wolf for a pet?"

    "Mrs. Beale is an excellent cook," Saetan replied mildly.Besides, he added silently,who would have the balls to dismiss her? "And the wolf isn't a pet. He's kindred. Several of them live with us. Another sandwich, Lord Magstrom?"

    Looking a bit dazed, Lord Magstrom took another sandwich, stared at it for a moment, then set it on his plate.

    "What's going on?" Jaenelle asked. Smiling politely at Magstrom and Friall, she settled next to Saetan on the couch.

    "We're having bunny stew for dinner instead of chicken."

    "Ah. That explains Mrs. Beale." Her lips twitched. "I suppose I should explain human territoriality to the wolves to avoid further misunderstandings."

    "At least Mrs. Beale's territory," Saetan said, smiling at his fair-haired daughter, aware that the way Jaenelle sat so close to him was open to misinterpretation.

    "Is that your usual way of dressing, Lady Angelline?" Lord Friall asked, once more dabbing his lips with his handkerchief.

    Jaenelle looked at the baggy overalls she had acquired from one the gardeners and the white silk shirt Saetan had

    unknowingly donated to her wardrobe. She lifted one loose braid and studied the feathers, small bells, and seashells attached to the strips of leather woven into her hair. Then her eyes swept over Friall. "Sometimes," she said coolly. "Do you always dress like that?"

    "Of course," Friall said proudly.


    Friall stared at her.

    "Remember their delicate sensibilities, witch-child."

    "Screw their delicate sensibilities."

    Saetan flinched. Her mood had shifted.

    He dropped one arm around her shoulders. "Lord Magstrom would like to ask you a few questions." Hopefully the older Warlord felt the emotional currents in the room and would tread carefully.

    "Before the interrogation begins, may I ask you something?"

    Lord Magstrom fiddled with his cup. "This isn't an interrogation, Lady," he said gently.

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