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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(103) by Anne Bishop
  • "Uh-huh."

    If that doubtful tone had come from any other woman, he would have felt insulted. But the concentration—and hint of frustration—in her eyes as she took another sip indicated that her doubt was caused by his dismissive "nothing fancy" rather than the brew itself.

    She eyed him speculatively. "I don't suppose you would be willing to exchange the recipe for this brew for one of mine?"

    Since she liked it that much, it was tempting to refuse so that he would be the only one who could make it for her, but he quickly realized that the time spent with her over a table full of herbs would serve him far better.

    Daemon smiled. "I know a couple of brews you might find interesting."

    Jaenelle returned the smile, then drained the mug and stood up. "I'd like to head out to Amdarh soon," she said as they walked back to the guardhouse. "That way, we can get settled in tonight."

    Despite Lucivar's and Chaosti's firm warnings, Daemon had to bite his tongue to keep from suggesting that she eat something first. They had told him her resistance against any attempt to get some food into her would be in direct proportion to her mood when she returned from this meeting. He'd only needed one glance at her face when she came out of her room to know any suggestion would have been pointless.

    "I think you'll like Amdarh," Jaenelle said. "It's a beautiful—" She stopped walking, then sniffed the air. "Is that stew?"

    "I believe it is," Daemon replied mildly. "Lucivar and Chaosti made it. It should be just about done."

    "They made wildwood stew?"

    "I believe that's what it's called."

    Jaenelle eyed him. "I suppose you're hungry."

    Even if he had never picked up a cue before in his life, he couldn't have missed that one. "Actually, I am. Do you think we could wait until after dinner before heading to Amdarh?"

    Jaenelle turned her head away from him, but not enough that he couldn't see her lick her lips. "It wouldn't take that long to have a bowl of stew. Or two," she added as she hurried toward the guardhouse.

    Daemon lengthened his stride to keep up, and wondered how much of a tussle the males were going to have in order to get their fair share.

    6 / Kaeleer

    Kartane burst into Jorval's dining room. "Is that bitch alive?" he demanded.

    Jorval hurried toward him while a man Kartane had never seen before sat at the table and just stared.

    "Lord Kartane," Jorval said anxiously. "If I'd known the healing would be done so soon, we would have waited din—"

    "Damn you, just answer the question! Is she alive?"

    "Lady Angelline? Yes, of course she's alive. Why do you ask? Didn't she arrive?"

    "She arrived," Kartane snarled.

    "I don't understand," Jorval said, almost wailing. "She's the best Healer in the Realm. If she—"


    Jorval's shocked look was quickly replaced by a sly one. "I see. Please, come and join us. I can see you've had a distressing afternoon. Perhaps some food and company will help."

    "Nothing will help until that bitch is made to heel," Kartane snapped, accepting a chair at the table and a quickly filled glass of wine. He glared at the other man, who continued to stare at him.

    "Lord Kartane," Jorval said smoothly, "may I present Lord Hobart? He, too, has reasons to want to see Jaenelle Angelline subdued."

    "Not just Jaenelle Angelline," Hobart growled.

    "Oh?" Kartane said, pushing his anger aside as his interest in Hobart sharpened.

    "Lord Hobart had controlled the Territory of Glacia for several years," Jorval said. "When his niece became the Territory Queen—"

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