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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(104) by Anne Bishop
  • "The ungrateful bitch EXILED me!" Hobart shouted.

    "And you want to regain control," Kartane said, starting to lose interest.

    Then Jorval added, "Lady Karla is a close friend of Jaenelle's."

    Kartane randomly selected food from the dishes offered as he nibbled on that bit of information. There was nothing he would have liked better right then than to hurt a close friend of the bitch. "I may be able to help. My mother is the High Priestess of Hayll."

    Not only didn't Hobart look sufficiently impressed, he looked distinctly uneasy. He cleared his throat. "It's a generous offer, Lord Kartane. A very generous offer, but..."

    "But you're already receiving some assistance from the Dark Priestess," Kartane guessed. When Hobart paled, he crossed two fingers and held them up. "Perhaps you're not aware that my mother and the Dark Priestess are like that."

    Hobart swallowed hard. Jorval merely drank his wine and watched them out of dark eyes filled with sly glee.

    "I see," Hobart finally said. "In that case, your help is most welcome."

    Chapter Nine

    1 / Kaeleer

    Andulvar settled into a chair in front of Saetan's blackwood desk. "Karla says you've been in here sulking for the past two hours, ever since you got a message from Lady Zhara."

    Saetan gave his longtime friend his iciest stare. "I. Am. Not. Sulking."

    "All right." Andulvar waited. "Then whatare you doing?"

    Saetan leaned back in his chair. "Answer me this: if I were to run away from home, is there anywhere in any of the Realms I could go and not be found?"

    Andulvar scratched his chin. "Well, if you wanted to hide from the Dhemlan Queens or the coven, there are quite a few places you could go to ground. If you wanted to hide from your male offspring, there are a few places in the Dark Realm that would take even Mephis a while to think of. But ifJaenelle was looking for you..."

    "Which is precisely why I'm still sitting here." Saetan rubbed his forehead and sighed. "Zhara has summoned me to Amdarh to take care of a problem for her."

    Andulvar frowned. "Lucivar's in Amdarh, isn't he? If Zhara needs help from a male stronger than the ones who serve in her court, why didn't she ask him?"

    Saetan narrowed his golden eyes and let the words fall like precisely dropped stones. "Lucivar is in Amdarh with Jaenelle."

    The silence thickened into a solid curtain.

    "Ah," Andulvar finally said. "Well, Daemon—"

    "Is in Amdarh with Lucivar and Jaenelle."

    "Mother Night," Andulvar muttered, then added warily,

    "What did Zhara say?" Saetan picked up the message and read in a funereal voice, " 'Your children are having a wonderful time. Come

    and get them.' "

    2 / Kaeleer

    Daemon braced his head in his hands and closed his eyes.

    "Mother Night," Lucivar said, enunciating very carefully.

    "I've never been this drunk," Daemon moaned quietly.

    Lucivar stared at him with bloodshot eyes. "Sure you have."

    "Maybe a couple of times in the stupid phase of my youth, but not since I've worn the Black. My body burns it up too fast to get drunk."

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