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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(108) by Anne Bishop
  • Remember who you're talking to. Remember what she must have seen in Briarwood—and what sort of conclusions a twelve-year-old girl who knew about that side of sex would come to about the time Daemon had spent as a pleasure slave.

    "The boyos who are Consorts don't seem to mind performing their duties. Quite the opposite, in fact."

    "They've never been pleasure slaves. They've never been forced. All right, yes, sometimes a Consort is asked to give more than he feels like giving at that moment, but when a man accepts the Consort's ring, he goes into that kind of service willingly and by his own choice."

    "Daemon made that choice," Surreal pointed out quietly. "Not because he wants the status of being the Consort and is willing to put up with the duties that go along with it, but because he wants to be your lover." She studied Jaenelle. "You do care about him, don't you?"

    "I love him."

    Surreal heard such a deep river of feelings in those simple words.

    "Besides," Jaenelle said, shifting back into a nervous young woman, "I'm not sure he really does want to do...that. He hasn't even tried to kiss me," she added sadly.

    Surreal hooked her hair behind her pointed ears. Damn, damn, damn. How had the ground gotten so boggy so fast? "If I understand the rules a Consort is supposed to play by, isn't the Queen supposed to initiate the first kiss so that the Consort knows his attentions will be welcome?"

    "Yes," Jaenelle said reluctantly.

    "But you haven't kissed him either?"

    Jaenelle snarled in frustration and started pacing. "I'm not twelve anymore."

    Surreal braced her hands on her hips. "Sugar, from where I'm standing, that's all to the good."

    Jaenelle threw up her hands and shouted, "Don't you understand? I don't know how to do any of this!"

    Surreal just stared. "You've never been kissed? Family kisses and friendly kisses don't count," she quickly amended.

    A disgusted look filled Jaenelle's face. "Teeth, tongues, and drool."

    "Wolves and dogs don't count either."

    Jaenelle let out a huff of laughter, and said dryly, "I wasn't referring to the kindred."

    Shit. "Haven't you received evenone kiss you liked?"

    Jaenelle hesitated. "Well, Daemon kissed me once."

    "Well, there you—"

    "When I was twelve."

    Surreal bristled automatically at the thought of a grown man kissing a child, then took a moment to consider the man. There were kisses and there werekisses. And Daemon would know exactly how to kiss a young girl without crossing the line—especially when that girl had been Jaenelle. "He kissed you when you were twelve," she said carefully.

    Jaenelle shrugged and looked uncomfortable. "It was at Winsol, just before... everything happened. He had given me a silver bracelet, and I thought a kiss was a more grownup way of saying thank you."

    "Okay," Surreal said, nodding. "So you kissed him, and then he kissed you."


    "And he didn't drool on you?"

    Jaenelle's lips twitched. "No, he didn't drool."

    "So why can't you kiss him now?"

    "Because I'm not twelve anymore!" Jaenelle shouted.

    "What's that got to do with it?" Surreal shouted back.

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