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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(111) by Anne Bishop
  • "Um. Daemon," Jaenelle said in an odd voice. "Do you have a minute?"

    "Of course." It cost him, but he gave her a warm, reassuring smile and followed her into the room.

    Standing out of reach, she stared at the floor, looking uneasy and intense—as if she was trying to find the right way to break bad news.

    She's going to ask me to return the Consort's ring.As soon as that thought formed, Daemon ruthlessly buried any ideas about noble sacrifices. He wasn't going to give up that easily. And he wasn't going to return the Consort's ring without a fight.

    "How hard can it be?" Jaenelle muttered.

    Daemon just waited.

    Letting out a big sigh, Jaenelle walked up to him, braced her hands on his shoulders, rose up on her toes a little, mashed her lips against his, then scampered back out of reach and eyed him warily.

    Daemon wasn't sure what to say about this unexpected move. As a kiss, it left a lot to be desired. As a kiss from Jaenelle...

    It took effort not to lick his lips.

    "Are you nervous?" Jaenelle asked, still eyeing him warily.

    He was going to have a little chat with Surreal about the uselessness of cryptic advice. But at least he had some idea what the right answer should be.

    "Actually, I'm terrified that I may say or do something stupid and you won't want to kiss me again."

    Maybe that was too much of the right answer. Now she looked worried. Then she threw up her hands in a gesture of exasperated helplessness.

    "I don't know what I'm doing," she almost wailed. And then added under her breath, "Surreal should have let me take notes."

    Daemon clamped his tongue between his teeth. Yes, he really needed to have a little chat with Surreal.

    Jaenelle began pacing. "It always sounds so easy in love stories."

    "Kissing isn't difficult," Daemon said carefully.

    She glared at him as she paced past him. "Lucivar said the same thing about cooking," she growled. "The wolves didn't even wait for it to come out of the oven before they were digging the hole to bury it."

    That sounded like an interesting story. He'd have a little chat with Lucivar, too.

    "Kissing isn't difficult," Daemon said firmly. "You just kissed me."

    "Not very well," she grumbled.

    Knowing better than to answer that, Daemon studied her. Frustration. Embarrassment. And an emotion that knocked the wind out of him—longing. "Why did you ask Surreal about kissing?"

    "She told you that?"

    "No, I guessed." And between overhearing Jaenelle's remark about taking notes and receiving Surreal's succinct instructions, it wasn't difficult to reach the correct conclusion.

    Jaenelle grumbled and snarled a few comments in a language he thankfully didn't understand. Then, "I wanted to impress you, and I didn't want you to laugh."

    "Laughing isn't what comes to mind at the moment," Daemon said dryly. He raked his fingers through his hair. "Sweetheart, if it's any comfort, I want to impress you, too."

    "You do?" She sounded astonished.

    He started to wonder what had happened in the past thirteen years that would make her so stunned by that idea—but he already knew. She had told him the first time he'd ended up in the misty place, when he'd tried to bring Witch back to heal her wounded body. When it came to physical pleasure, the males wanted to indulge themselves in the body without having to deal with the one who lived inside it. And Jaenelle, with the horrors of Briarwood in her past, would never yield that way.

    "Yes, I do," he said.

    She pondered this. "Kaelas is annoyed with you."

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