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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(112) by Anne Bishop
  • It seemed like an abrupt shift in topic—and not a welcome one. "Why?" he asked cautiously.

    "Because I haven't been sleeping well lately and I keep kicking him. He's decided it's your fault."

    Oh, wonderful. "I haven't been sleeping well either."

    She turned away, looking distressed.

    Enough,Daemon thought. It was more his fault than hers that they had struggled through the past month. Saetan had told him she'd never had a lover, and yet he'd expected an open-armed welcome to her bed. He had acted as if she were an experienced woman who would take advantage of his availability.

    That had been his biggest mistake. Jaenelle didn't have it in her to take advantage of anyone who served in her court. Well, she had made the first stumbling move. Now it was his turn.

    He loosened the choke-hold control on his sexuality just enough to produce a subtle feel in the air, without it being strong enough for her to recognize it.

    "Come here," he said quietly.

    Looking baffled, she obeyed.

    Setting his hands lightly on her waist, he drew her close to him. "Kiss me again. Like this." He brushed his lips against hers, softly, delicately. "And this." He kissed the corner of her mouth. "And this." He kissed her throat.

    She imitated each move—until she kissed his throat. When the tip of her tongue licked his skin, he tilted her head up, lightly fastened his mouth on hers, and kissed her in earnest. Kissed her with all the hunger that had been building inside him during the past month, during a lifetime. Kissed her while his hands roamed over her back and hips and delicately explored her br**sts. Kissed her until she moaned. Kissed her until she opened for him and let his tongue dance with hers. Kissed her until her hands slid up his back and clamped on his shoulders. Kissed her until the moan turned into a hungry snarl and he felt her nails prick his skin through the shirt and jacket.

    And then realized he had taken them farther than he had meant to right now. Returning his hands to her waist, he eased back to the light, easy kisses.

    Sensing his withdrawal, she snarled again—and there was anger as well as hunger in the sound. "You don't want me?" she asked in her midnight voice.

    He nudged her hips toward him just enough to prove his answer. "Yes, I want you." He gave in for one more moment, fastened his mouth on her neck and sucked hard enough to leave a love bite. Tearing his mouth away, he gave her little butterfly kisses from jaw to temple. "But this is just playtime, just an appetizer."

    "Playtime?" Witch said suspiciously.

    "Mmm," he replied, licking the spot on her forehead where the tiny spiral horn would be if they were in the abyss. "This isn't the right place for more than playtime."


    "Because I'd like my first time to be in a bed."

    Her anger vanished instantly. "Oh. Yes, that would be more comfortable," Jaenelle said.

    Will you invite me to your bed tonight?He knew better than to ask so bluntly, but he also knew hehad to ask. "May I come to you tonight?" Feeling her tense, he quickly pressed a finger against her lips. "No words. Just a kiss will be answer enough."

    Her answer was everything he had hoped it would be.

    3 / Kaeleer

    Daemon braced his hands on the dresser and closed his eyes.

    Breathe, damn you,he thought fiercely.Just breathe.

    How in the name of Hell did mendo this the first time? Maybe, for a youth, the thrill was enough to push him past the doubts. Maybe it was easier the first time when the woman wasn't quite so special—or when the next hour wouldn't determine whether the woman you desperately wanted would have you.

    He knew dozens upon dozens of ways to kiss, to caress, to arouse a woman and make her crave having him in her bed.

    He couldn't remember a single one.

    Daemon straightened up, retied the belt on the robe he wore over silk pajama bottoms... and swore with heartfelt intensity.

    He should have just followed where those kisses had been leading them this afternoon, should have given in to the hunger he had awakened in Jaenelle, should have acted instead of stepping back and giving himself the past several hours to think himself into a panic.

    But, wanting more than sex for his own sake as well as hers, hehad stepped back—and now sincerely hoped that when he walked into her bedroom...

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