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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(14) by Anne Bishop
  • Lucivar gave both women a look that could have flayed flesh from bone. Then he looked at Khardeen and Aaron. "Accepted."

    Wilhelmina trembled visibly, but Surreal hooked her hair behind her pointed ears and narrowed her eyes at Lucivar. "Look, sugar—"

    "Surreal," Daemon said quietly. He shook his head. The last thing any of them needed was Surreal and Lucivar tangling with each other.

    Surreal hissed. When she tried to shake off Prince Aaron's hand, the man let her go, then shifted to block any attempt she might make to leave. Eyeing Lucivar with intense dislike, she moved until she stood beside Daemon. "Is that your brother?" she asked in a low voice. "The one who's supposed to be dead?"

    Daemon nodded.

    She watched Lucivar for a minute."Is he dead?"

    For the first time since he'd arrived in Kaeleer, Daemon smiled. "The demon-dead can't tolerate daylight—at least according to the stories—so I would say Lucivar is very much alive."

    "Well, can't you reason with him? I have a mark of safe passage and a three-month visitor's pass. I didn't come here to sign a contract for court service, and the day I jump when that son of a bitch snaps his fingers is the day the sun is going to shine in Hell."

    "Don't make any bets on it," Daemon muttered, watching Lucivar study the member of the Dark Council who was filling out the contract.

    Before Surreal could reply, Wilhelmina sidled over to them. "Prince Sadi," she said in a voice that trembled on the edge of panic. "Lady."

    "Lady Benedict," Daemon replied formally while Surreal nodded in acknowledgment.

    Wilhelmina glanced fearfully at Lucivar, who was now talking to the older Eyrien Warlord. "He's scary," she whispered.

    Surreal smiled maliciously and raised her voice. "When a man wears his pants that tight, they tend to pinch his balls, and that tends to pinch his temper."

    Aaron, who was standing near them, coughed violently, trying to muffle his laughter.

    Seeing Lucivar break off his conversation and head toward them, Daemon sighed and wished he knew a spell that would make Surreal lose her voice for the next few hours.

    Lucivar stopped an arm's length away, ignoring the way Wilhelmina shrank away from him, focusing his attention on Surreal. He smiled the lazy, arrogant smile that was usually the only warning before a fight.

    Surreal lowered her right hand so that her arm hung at her side.

    Recognizing that asher warning signal, Daemon slipped his hands out of his trouser pockets and shifted slightly, prepared to stop her before she was foolish enough to pull a knife on Lucivar.

    "You're Titian's daughter, aren't you?" Lucivar asked.

    "What do you care?" Surreal snarled.

    Lucivar studied her for a moment. Then he shook his head and muttered, "You're going to be a pain in the ass."

    "Then maybe you should let me go," Surreal said with sweet venom.

    Lucivar laughed, low and nasty. "If you think I'm going to explain to the Harpy Queen why her daughter's in another court when I was standing here, then you'd better think again, little witch."

    Surreal bared her teeth. "My mother isnot a Harpy. And I'm not a little witch. And I'm not signing any damn contract that gives you control over me."

    "Think again," Lucivar said.

    Daemon's hand clamped on Surreal's right forearm. Aaron clamped down on her left arm.

    The bell indicating the end of the service fair rang three times.

    Surreal swore furiously. Lucivar just smiled.

    Then a man's voice, rising in protest, made them all turn their attention toward the table.

    Daemon caught sight of the fussily dressed man who was busily straightening papers and ignoring the young Eyrien Warlord.

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