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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(141) by Anne Bishop
  • Turning away from the window, he sat at the desk and began to write.

    Chapter Fourteen

    1 / Kaeleer

    need a favor," Jaenelle said as she moved stiffly to her worktable and picked up two small glass jars.

    "You have only to ask," Titian replied.She's been channeling too much power without giving her body time to recover. What is she planning that demands so much?

    "A discreet favor."


    "I need blood from two people who have been tainted by Dorothea or Hekatah. Preferably one of each."

    Titian thought for a very brief moment. "Lord Jorval lives in the capital of Little Terreille, does he not?"

    Jaenelle swallowed. Even that seemed to take effort. "Yes, Jorval is in Goth. And so, at the moment, is Kartane SaDiablo."

    "Ah." Looking at the exhausted woman, Titian remembered the child Jaenelle had been. And she remembered other things. "Will it matter if neither of them sees the next sunrise?"

    A deadly cold filled Jaenelle's sapphire eyes. "No."

    Titian smiled. "In that case, with your permission, I'll take Surreal with me. It's time to pay some debts."

    2 / Kaeleer

    In the enormous chamber where the Dark Throne resided, Ladvarian trembled as he looked at Lorn. It wasn't that he was afraid of Lorn—at least, not usually. It was just that Lorn was the Prince of the Dragons, the legendary race who had created the Blood. Lorn was very,very old, and very wise, and verybig. Ladvarian was smaller than one of Lorn's midnight eyes. Just then, that made him feelvery small.

    And then there was Draca, the Keep's Seneschal, who had been Lorn's mate and the Dragon Queen before she had sacrificed her true form in order to give other creatures the Craft.

    Sacrifices. No, he wouldnot think about sacrifices. There was not going to be a sacrifice. The kindred would not allow it.

    But being summoned here by Lorn and Draca when the Arachnian Queen was so close to finishing that special web of dreams ... It frightened him. If they forbade the kindred from doing this... The kindred would do it anyway, whatever the cost.

    *Little Brother,* Lorn said in his deep, quiet, thundering voice.

    *Prince Lorn.* Ladvarian was trembling enough for them to see it.

    *I have a gift for you, little Brother. Give thiss to the Weaver of Dreamss.*

    A flat, beautifully carved box appeared in the air before Ladvarian. When it opened, he saw a simply designed pendant made of white and yellow gold and an equally simple ring. But it was the Jewel in those pieces that made his hackles rise and his ears flatten tight to his head.

    It had no color, and yet it wasn't colorless. Restless, it shimmered, hungry to complete its transformation. It tugged at him, seeking a bond with his mind.

    He took a step back. As he looked up at Lorn, angry and confused enough to issue a challenge that would have been foolish as well as futile, he realized Lorn's scales had that same translucent shimmer. Knowledge crashed in on him. He took another step back and whined.

    *Do not fear, little Brother. It iss a gift. The Weaver will need it for her web.*

    Gathering his courage, Ladvarian approached the box. *I have never seen a Jewel like this.*

    *And you never will again,* Lorn replied gently. *There will never be another one like it.*

    Still cautious, Ladvarian said, *It has no rank. It does not know what it is.*

    *It doess not yet know what it iss,* Lorn agreed. *But it doess have a name: Twilight'ss Dawn.*

    When Ladvarian was on his way back to Arachna with the box, Draca and Lorn stared at each other.

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