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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(150) by Anne Bishop
  • He and Hallevar both turned and blasted the same message at Tamnar. *SHUT UP!*

    The boy flinched, looked shocked at the harsh reprimand, then slunk over to the window Kohlvar guarded.

    Jillian stared at them, her normally brown skin an unhealthy gray. "I killed him?"

    Before Falonar could phrase a cautious reply, Hallevar snorted. "You just scratched him enough to let Nurian get away."

    Some of the tension drained out of the girl. "Oh. That's... Oh."

    "You take a backup position over there," Hallevar said, pointing to a far corner of the room.

    "Okay," Jillian said, sounding a little dazed.

    Falonar turned back to look out the doorway. "She put that arrow right through the bastard's heart," he said, keeping his voice quiet.

    "No reason for her to know that right now," Hallevar replied just as quietly. "Let her believe she just nicked him. We can't afford to have her freeze up if it comes down to that."

    "If it comes down to that," Falonar said softly as he settled in to wait.

    13 / Kaeleer

    Saetan prowled the corridors of the Keep, too restless to stay in one place, too edgy to tolerate being around anyone.

    Lucivar should have been backhours ago. He knew Lucivar had slipped out of the Keep late that morning to find out what was delaying Marian's and Daemonar's arrival, but the afternoon was waning, and there was no sign of any of them.

    He doubted anyone else had noticed. The coven and the boyos were gathered in one of the large sitting rooms, just as they had gathered every day since Jaenelle had ordered them to remain at the Keep. So they wouldn't realize Lucivar was gone. And Jaenelle and Daemon... Well, they weren't likely to have noticed either.

    Surreal had noticed Lucivar's absence, but she'd shrugged it off, saying he was probably with Prothvar and Mephis. Which made him realize that he hadn't seen either ofthem lately.

    Somehow he had to find a way to make Jaenelle listen to him, had to find out why she was keeping such a stranglehold on all of them. Whether they acknowledged it or not, they were at war. The Queens and males in the First Circle weren't going to tolerate staying there indefinitely while their people were fighting.Something had to change.Someone had to act.

    14 / Kaeleer

    Falonar accepted the mug of ale Kohlvar handed to him.

    "Makes no sense," Kohlvar said, shaking his head. "No direct attacks anymore, no efforts at a siege, just a few arrows now and then to make sure we know they're still out there."

    "They've got us pinned down," Falonar replied. "We're outnumbered, and they know it."

    "But what's the sense of pinning us down?"

    We can't go anywhere,Falonar thought.We can't report anything.

    "What's the sense?" Kohlvar repeated.

    "I don't know. But I expect we'll find out sooner or later."

    The answer came at twilight. One Warlord openly approached the communal eyrie, his hands held away from his sides, away from his weapons.

    "I have a message," he shouted, holding up a white envelope.

    "Put it on the ground," Falonar shouted back.

    The Warlord shrugged, set the envelope on the ground, then placed a small rock over it to keep it from blowing away. He walked back the way he had come.

    A few minutes later, Falonar watched the Eyrien company take flight.

    He waited another hour before he used Craft to bring the envelope to the doorway. Still standing on the other side of the Sapphire shield, he created a ball of witchlight to illuminate the writing, the name of the recipient.

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