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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(151) by Anne Bishop
  • Dread shivered through him. It was the same handwriting as the note that had been left for Lucivar. But this one was addressed to the High Lord.

    He called Kohlvar, Rothvar, Zaranar, and Hallevar over. "I'm going to take that to the Keep and give my report."

    "Could be a trap," Hallevar said. "They could be waiting for you to make a move."

    Yes, he was sure itwas a trap—but not for him.

    "I don't think they're going to bother us anymore, but maintain a watch. Stay sharp. Don't letanyone in, no matter who they are. I'll stay at the Keep until morning. If I come back before that ... do your best to kill me."

    They understood him. If he came back before that, they should assume he was being controlled and respond accordingly.

    "May the Darkness protect you," Hallevar said.

    Falonar passed through the Sapphire shield. Taking the envelope, he launched himself skyward and headed for the Keep.

    15 / Kaeleer

    Saetan stared at the sheet of paper. Too many feelings crowded him, so he pushed them all aside.

    I have your son.


    Which also meant she had Marian and Daemonar, since that was the only bait she could have used to provoke Lucivar into going to Hayll.

    Now Lucivar was being used as the bait forhim.

    He understood the game. Hekatah and Dorothea would be willing to trade: him for Lucivar, Marian, and Daemonar.

    Of course, they wouldn't let Lucivar go,couldn't let him go. As soon as he got Marian and Daemonar safely out of reach, he'd turn on Hekatah and Dorothea with all the destructive power that was in him.

    So this was a false bargain right from the beginning.

    He could go to Hayll and destroy Dorothea and Hekatah. Two Red-Jeweled Priestesses were no match for a Black-Jeweled Warlord Prince. He could go there, throw a Black shield around Lucivar, Marian, and Daemonar to keep them safe, then unleash his strength—and kill every living thing for miles around him.

    But it wouldn't stop the war. Not now. Maybe it never would have. And it was the war that had to be stopped, not just the two witches who had started it.

    So he would play their game... because it would finally give him the weapon he needed.

    Everything has a price.

    He removed the Black-Jeweled pendant and set it on the desk. He removed the Steward's ring from his left hand— the ring that contained the same Ebony shield Jaenelle had put into the Rings of Honor.

    Even if Daemon was influencing Jaenelle, even if hewas the reason she was resisting a formal declaration of war, evenhe couldn't stop her reacting. Not to this.

    Don't think. Be an instrument.

    By walking into the trap Dorothea and Hekatah had set for him, he was going to unleash the one thing heknew would bring out the explosive, savage side of Jaenelle—his own pain.

    Of course, he would never be the same after those two bitches were done with him. He would never...

    He opened the desk drawer, caressed the lavender-scented envelope. "Sometimes duty walks a road where the heart can't follow. I'm sorry, Sylvia. It would have been an honor to be your husband. I'm sorry."

    He closed the drawer, picked up his cape, and quietly left the Keep.

    16 / Kaeleer

    Daemon glided through the Keep's corridors. He'd spent the past several hours making three months' worth of tonics for Karla, according to the instructions Jaenelle had given him. When he'd questioned her, reminding her that healing tonics that had blood in them would lose their potency over that amount of time, she had told him she had calculated that so the potency would taper off the way it needed to. And when he'd ask why...

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