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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(157) by Anne Bishop
  • He could taste her slight bafflement before she said, "All right."

    "I don't want to wear the Consort's ring anymore."

    A slash of pain, quickly stifled. "All right."

    "I want a wedding ring in its place."

    A flash of joy, immediately followed by sorrow. She smiled at him at the same time her eyes filled with tears. "It would be wonderful."

    She meant that. So why the sorrow, why the anguish? He would have to deal with that when he got back.

    His temper was already getting edgy, dangerous. "I'll take that as a 'yes.' There are things I'll need that I can't create well enough for this game."

    "Just tell me what you need, Daemon."

    He didn't want to do this. Didn't want to go back to that kind of life, not even for seventy-two hours. He was going to mutilate the life he'd begun to build here, and the coven, the boyos, they would never—

    "Do you trust me?" he snapped.


    No hesitation, no doubts.

    He finally stopped moving and faced her. "Do you know how desperately I love you?"

    Her voice shook when she answered, "As much as I love you?"

    He held her, held on to her as his lifeline, his anchor. It would be all right. As long as he hadher, it would be all right.

    Finally, reluctantly, he eased back. "Come on, we've got a lot of work to do."

    "That's the last of it," Jaenelle said several hours later. She carefully packed the box that held all the spelled items she had created for him. "Almost the last of it."

    Daemon sipped the coffee he had brewed strong enough to bite. Physically, he was tired. Mentally, he was reeling. As Jaenelle created each of the spells he had asked for, he'd had to learn how to use them—which meant she'd explained the process to him as she created one, then had him practice with it while she created the ones he would take with him. She'd reviewed his efforts, given more instructions on how to hone the effect—and never once asked him what he intended to do, for which he was grateful. Of course, he didn't know exactly whatshe was going to do either. There were some things one Black Widow did not ask another.

    Jaenelle held up a vial about the size of her index finger that was filled with dark powder. "This is a stimulant. A strong one. One dose will keep you on your feet for about six hours. You can mix it with any kind of liquid—" She eyed the coffee. "—but if you mix it with something brewed likethat it's going to have more kick."

    "That's one dose?" Daemon asked. Then he bit his tongue to keep from laughing and wished he could have a picture of the look on her face.

    "There are enough doses in here for the next three days and then some," she said dryly.

    "Well, I'd better find out what it does." Daemon held out the mug of coffee.

    She opened the vial, tapped it lightly over the mug. The sprinkle of powder dissolved instantly.

    He took a sip. A little nutty, just a little sharp. Actually quite—

    He wheezed. His body suddenly had a kind of battlefield alertness, a fierce need tomove. His mind was no longer hazed by mental fatigue. After the first few explosive seconds, he felt himself settle down, but there remained that bright reservoir of energy.

    He drained the mug, waited a few seconds. No physical changes, just the feeling that the reservoir got delightfully bigger.

    Jaenelle carefully packed the vial into the box. "Everything has a price, Daemon," she said firmly. That sobered him. "It's addictive?" The look she gave him could have cut a man in half. "No, it is not.I use this sometimes—which you willnot mention to any of the family. They'd throw three kinds of fits if they knew. This will keep you going, even if you don't get any food or sleep, but if you don't renew the dose every six hours, your feet are going to go out from under you and you'd better be prepared to sleep for a day."

    "In other words, if I miss a dose, I'm not going to be able to flog myself awake again no matter what's going on around me."

    She nodded.

    "All right, I'll remember."

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