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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(158) by Anne Bishop
  • She held up another vial, this one full of a dark liquid. "This is a tonic for Saetan. I figured he's going to be weakened physically, so I made it strong. It's going to have a kick like a team of draft horses. Add it to an equal amount of liquid—wine or fresh blood."

    "If I use the stimulant, can I use my blood for that tonic?"

    "Yes," Jaenelle said, almost managing to keep her lips from twitching. "But if youdo use your blood, make sure you pour it down his throat before you tell him what it is because it'll kick liketwo teams of draft horses—and he will not be happy with you for the first couple of minutes."

    "Fair enough." He just hoped Saetan would be in good enough condition that he could howl about being dosed.

    Jaenelle took a deep breath, let it out slowly. "That's it then."

    Daemon set the mug down on the worktable. "I want to supervise making up the food pack. It won't take long. Will you wait for me?"

    Her smile didn't reach her haunted sapphire eyes. "I'll wait."

    "Prince Ssadi."

    Daemon hesitated, turned toward the voice. "Draca." She held out one hand, closed in a loose fist. Obediently, he put his hand under hers. When she opened her hand, colored bangles poured into his—the kind of bangles women sewed on dresses to catch the light.

    Baffled, he looked at the bangles, then at her.

    "When the time iss right, give thesse to Ssaetan. He will undersstand."

    She knows,Daemon thought.She knows, but... No, Draca wouldn't say anything to the coven or the boyos. The Seneschal of Ebon Askavi would keep her own council for her own reasons.

    As she walked away, he slipped the bangles into his jacket pocket.

    Surreal jumped when the door to her room flew open.

    "What in the name of Hell do you think you're doing?" Daemon demanded, slamming the door.

    "What does it look like I'm doing?" Surreal snapped. Silently, she swore. A few more minutes and she would have been able to slip away undetected.

    "Itlooks like you're about to ruin several hours of careful planning," Daemon snapped back.

    That stopped her. "What planning?" she asked suspiciously.

    He swore with a creative vileness that surprised her. "What do you think I've been doing since we got thatgift this morning? And what did you thinkyou'd be able to do, going in alone?"

    "I've been an assassin for a lot of years, Sadi. I could have—"

    "One-on-one kills," he snarled. "That's not going to get you very far in an armed camp. And if you unleash the Gray to get rid of the guards, you can be sure the four people you're going in for will be dead by the time you reach them."

    "You don't know—"

    "I do know," Daemon shouted. "I grew up under that bitch's control. Ido know."

    Her anger couldn't match his, especially when he'd been able to put his finger on every doubt she had about succeeding. "You have a better idea?"

    "Yes, Surreal, I have a better idea," Daemon replied coldly.

    Surreal licked her lips, took a careful breath. "I could help, create a diversion or something. Hell's fire, Daemon, those people are my family, too, the first family I've ever had. They mean something to me. Let me help."

    Something queer filled his eyes as he stared at her. "Yes," he said in a silky croon, "I think you could be very helpful." His voice shifted, became irritated and efficient as he looked over the supplies piled on her bed. "At least you had the good sense to realize you would need to bring your own food and water since you won't be able to trust consuming anything that might be there." He headed for the door. "I'll need a couple more hours. Then we'll go."

    "But—" The look he gave her had her backing down. "A couple of hours," she agreed.

    It wasn't until he was gone that she began to wonder just what it was she had agreed to do.

    Little fool,Daemon thought as he stormed back to Jaenelle's workroom.Idiot. If the kitchen staff hadn't mentioned that Surreal had requested a similar food pack, he wouldn't have known she was planning to go to Hayll, wouldn't have been prepared to deal with her presence. Oh, he could use her help in this game. It hadn't taken him more than a minute to recognize how many ways she could help. But, damn it, if she'd gone in and gotten everyone riled before he arrived... He had to buy Jaenelle seventy-two hours. A straight, clean fight would have gotten the others out, but it wouldn't have donethat.

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