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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(161) by Anne Bishop
  • Dorothea burst out of her cabin, shouting, "Guards! Guards!"

    The guards rushed in from three sides of the camp. No one came out of the darkness facing them.

    "GUARDS!" Dorothea shouted again.

    From out of that darkness, a deep, amused voice said, "They aren't going to answer you, darling. They've been permanently detained."

    Daemon Sadi stepped out of the darkness, stopping at the edge of the light. His black hair was a little wind-mussed. His hands were casually tucked in his trouser pockets. His black jacket was open, revealing the white silk shirt that was unbuttoned to the waist. The Black Jewel around his neck glittered with power. His golden eyes glittered, too.

    Seeing that queer glitter in Daemon's eyes, Saetan shivered. Something was wrong here.Very wrong.

    Hekatah turned halfway, resting the knife against Saetan's belly. "Take one more step and I'll gut him—and kill the Eyrien, too."

    "Go ahead," Daemon said pleasantly as he walked into the camp. "It'll save me the trouble of arranging a couple of careful accidents, which I would have had to have done soon anyway since the Steward and the First Escort were becoming . .. troublesome. So, you kill them, I destroy you— and then I return to Kaeleer to console the grieving Queen. Yes, that will work out quite nicely. You'll be blamed for their deaths, and Jaenelle will never look at me and wonder why I'm the only male left whom she can depend on."

    "You're forgetting about the Master of the Guard," Hekatah said.

    Daemon smiled a gentle, brutal smile. "No, I haven't. I didn't forget about Prothvar or Mephis either. They're no longer a concern."

    For a moment, Saetan thought Hekatahhad gutted him. But while the wound wasn't physical, the painwas. "No," he said. "No. You couldn't have."

    Daemon laughed. "Couldn't I? Then where are they, old man?"

    Because he had wondered the same thing, Saetan couldn't answer that. But he still found himself denying it. "You couldn't have.They're your family."

    "My family," Daemon said thoughtfully. "How convenient that they decided to become 'family' after I became the Consort to the strongest Queen in the history of the Blood."

    "That's not true," Saetan said, straining forward despite the knife Hekatah still held against his belly. It was mad to be arguing about this, but all his instincts shouted at him that it had to benow, that there might not be another chance to alter that look in Daemon's eyes.

    "Isn't it?" Daemon said bitterly. "Then where were they 1,700 years ago when I was a child? Where were you? Where wereany of you during all the years between then and now? Don't talk to me aboutfamily, High Lord."

    Saetan sagged against the post. Mother Night, every worry he'd had about Daemon's loyalty was coming true.

    "How very touching," Hekatah sneered. "Do you expect us to believe that? You're your father's son."

    Daemon's gold eyes fastened on Hekatah. "I think it's more accurate to say I'm the man my fathermight have been if he'd had the balls for it."

    "Don't listen to him," Dorothea said suddenly. "It's a trick, a trap. He'slying."

    "It seems to be his day for it," Surreal muttered bitterly.

    Giving Surreal a brief, dismissive glance, Daemon shifted his attention to Dorothea. "Hello, darling. You look like a hag. It suits you."

    Dorothea hissed.

    "I brought you a present," Daemon said, glancing at Surreal again.

    Dorothea looked at Surreal's pointed ears and sneered. "I've heard of her. She's nothing but a whore."

    "Yes," Daemon agreed mildly, "she's a first-class slut who will spread her legs for anything that will pay her. She's also your granddaughter. Kartane's child. The only one he'll ever sire. The only continuation ofyour bloodline."

    "No slut ismy granddaughter," Dorothea snarled.

    Daemon raised one eyebrow. "Really, darling, I thought that would be the convincing argument. The only difference between you is she's under a male most of the time while you're on top of him. But your legs are spread just as wide." He paused. "Well, there isone other difference. Since she was getting paid for it,she had to acquire some skill in bed."

    Dorothea shook with rage. "Guards! Seize him!"

    Twenty men surged forward, then dropped in their tracks.

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