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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(162) by Anne Bishop
  • Daemon just smiled. "Perhaps I should kill the rest of them now to eliminate further annoyances."

    Hekatah carefully lowered the knife. "Why are you here, Sadi?"

    "Your little schemes are interfering with my plans, and that annoys me."

    "Terreille is going to war with Kaeleer. That's hardly a 'little scheme.' "

    "Well, that all depends on whether you have the power to win, doesn't it?" Daemon crooned. "However, I'm not interested in ruling a Realm that's been devastated by a war, so I decided it was time we had a little talk." Dorothea jumped forward. "Don't listen to him!"

    "How canyou rule a Realm?" Hekatah asked, ignoring Dorothea.

    Daemon's smile became colder, crueler. "I control the witch who has the strength to kill every living thing in the Realm of Terreille."

    "NO!" Saetan shouted. "Youdo not control the Queen." When Daemon's eyes fixed on him, he started to shiver again.

    "Don't I?" Daemon purred. "Haven't you wondered why she didn't respond to the 'gift,' High Lord? Oh, she was greatly distressed. Hasn't done anything but weep since your finger arrived. But she isn't here—and she isn't going to be because she values having my c**k inside her more than she values you. Any of you." For the first time, Daemon glanced at Lucivar.

    Saetan shook his head. "No. You can't do this, Daemon."

    "Don't tell me what I can do. You had your chance, old man, and you didn't have the balls to take it. Now it'smy turn, and I intend to rule."

    "That's just another lie," Dorothea snapped. "You've never been interested in ruling."

    Daemon turned searing, cold anger on her. "What wouldyou know about what I wanted, bitch? You never offered me a chance to ruleanything. You just wanted to use my strength without ever offering anything in return."

    "I did offer you something!"

    "What?You? You had your use of me, Dorothea. How could you imagine enduring more of that would be any kind of reward?"

    "Youbastard !You—" She took a step toward him, her hand raised like a claw.

    A blow from a phantom hand knocked her off her feet. She fell on top of Surreal, who swore viciously and pushed her off.

    Tearing his eyes away from Daemon, Saetan looked at Hekatah—and realized she was shaking, but it wasn't from anger.

    "What is it you want, Sadi?" Hekatah said, unable to keep her voice steady.

    A long, chilling moment passed before Daemon turned his attention back to her. "I came to negotiate on my Queen's behalf."

    "I told you," Dorothea muttered—but she didn't try to get up.

    "And what will you tell your Queen?" Hekatah asked.

    "That I arrived too late to save any of them. I'm sure I can prod her into a suitably violent reaction."

    "She'll destroy more than us if she unleashes that kind of power."

    Daemon's smile was a satisfied one. "Exactly. She'll destroy everything. And once all of you are gone... Well, therewill have to be a few more battles in Kaeleer to eliminate the more troublesome males in the court. But after that, I think things will settle down quite nicely." He turned and started to walk away.

    He'll never get her to destroy everyone in Terreille,Saetan thought, closing his eyes against the sick feelings churning in his stomach.He'll never twist her thatmuch. Not Jaenelle.

    "Wait," Hekatah said.

    Saetan opened his eyes.

    Daemon was almost at the edge of the light. Turning, he raised one eyebrow in inquiry.

    "Was that the only reason you came here?" Hekatah asked.

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