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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(167) by Anne Bishop
  • "Why?" Karla asked—and then winced when Tersa just looked at her. She turned her attention back to Ladvarian. "So, that's all we have to do? Just put a drop of blood into each bubble?"

    *When you give the blood, you must think about Jaenelle.Good thoughts,* he added in a growl as he glanced at the other males.

    Karla shook her head. "I don't understand. Why—"

    "Because the Blood wilt sing to the Blood," Tersa answered quietly. "Because blood is the memory's river."

    Exasperated, Karla looked at Tersa, but it was the structure that caught her eye first.

    A spiral. A glistening black spiral.

    Then the brown wooden blocks crashed down on the table.

    *Karla,* Gabrielle said softly.

    *I saw it.* She looked at Tersa, who looked back at her with frighteningly clear-sighted eyes.She knows. Mother Night, whatever is going to happen... Tersa knows.And so does Ladvarian.

    And knowing that much, there was no longer any need to ask "why."

    Glancing at Ladvarian for permission, Karla sent out the most delicate psychic tendril she could create and lightly touched the red bubble.

    Ladvarian, as a puppy, being taught by Jaenelle to air walk. Being brushed and petted. Being taught...

    She backed away. Those memories were private, the best he had to give.

    She swallowed hard—and tasted tears. "What Jaenelle is trying to do... Is it dangerous?"

    *Yes,* Ladvarian answered.

    "Have other kindred given this gift?"

    *All the kindred who know her.*

    And I'll bet none of them asked why why why.Karla looked at the rest of the First Circle. No trace of anger. Not anymore. They would think about Jaenelle's actions over the past few weeks and reach the right conclusion.

    "All right, little Brother," Karla said. Before she could use her thumbnail to prick a finger, Gabrielle touched her shoulder.

    "I think..." Gabrielle hesitated, took a deep breath. "I think this should be done as ritual."

    So that it would be as powerful as they could make it. "Yes, you're right." Karla set the clear bubble back into the bowl.

    "I'll get what we need," Gabrielle said.

    "I'll go with you," Morghann said.

    As Gabrielle and Morghann walked past the males, Chaosti and Khary reached out, each one giving his wife a gentle touch of apology before stepping aside.

    With a weary sigh, Ladvarian moved out of the way and lay down.

    Tersa stood up.

    "Tersa?" Karla said. "Aren't you going to give the gift?"

    Those clear-sighted eyes looked into her. Then Tersa smiled, said, "I already have," and left the room.

    That was enough to tell Karla who had shown the kindred how to create those brilliant little pieces of Craft.

    Watching the males shift places and take up their usual protective stance, Karla's eyes filled with tears, and she wished, futilely, that Morton could have been standing among them.

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