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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(174) by Anne Bishop
  • "The hut's lost," she said, waving her hand in a vague gesture.

    He came closer, his eyes full of suspicion and doubt. "Answer me, bitch. Why are you out here?"

    "Thehut's lost," she repeated, doing her best to imitate the way Tersa's mind tended to meander. She pointed. "It should be near that fuzzy post, but it wandered off."

    The sentry looked in that direction. "That's atree, you stupid bitch. Now—" He stopped, raked her body with his eyes, then smiled. Looking around to make sure no one else was nearby, he reached for her.

    She took a step back, placed a protective hand over her abdomen, and shook her head. "Can't touch another male. He'll get mad at me if I touch another male."

    The sentry gave her an evil grin. "Well, he's not going to know, is he?"

    Surreal hesitated. That would certainly get her close enough to ram a knife between his ribs, but it would also take time she didn't have. The Gray Jewels then, and a fast kill—and may the Darkness help Sadi with whatever was going to happen in the camp afterward.

    *Down, Surreal!*

    She felt hind legs brush against her back as she dove.

    A moment later, the sentry lay dead, his throat torn out.

    A sight shield faded, revealing the blood-splashed wolf.

    "Graysfang?" Surreal whispered. She touched the Jewel beneath her shirt. Gray's fang. The High Lord had been right.

    Skirting the dead sentry, she reached for the wolf.

    *Wait,* Graysfang said.

    That's when she saw the small golden bump between his ears. The bump lifted, floated to the nearest perimeter stake, and uncurled its legs.

    Surreal stared at the small gold spider as it busily spun a simple tangled web between two of the stakes. When it was done, it picked its way to the center of the web.

    The sentry vanished. There was no trace of blood on the ground.

    *They will not find him now,* Graysfang said. *They can only see what the web lets them see.* He gently closed his teeth around Surreal's arm and started tugging her.

    "What about the spider?"

    *She will stay to guard the web. Hurry, Surreal.*

    She shook her arm free of his teeth. It would be easier to keep up with him if she wasn't hunched over. Switching to a communication thread, she asked, *What are you doing here? How did you get through the perimeter stakes?*

    *Humans are foolish. The meat trail is unguarded. Too many legs moving on the trail. The humans got tired of baring their fangs when it was only meat.*

    Meat trail? Oh,game trail. *How did you know about the trail? How did you find me?*

    *The Weaver of Dreams told me to learn the two-legged cat's scent and follow his tracks. He is a good hunter,* Graysfang added with approval. *There is much feline in him. Kaelas says so.*

    Sadi, with the predatory grace even the kindred recognized. Graysfang had followed Sadi. *Who's this Weaver?* She got a quick image of a large golden spider—and stumbled.

    Damn fool of an idiot wolf. It was bad enough that he had gone to Arachna and brought asmall spider back with him. But to deal with theQueen...

    *She asked me, Surreal,* Graysfang said meekly when she snarled at him. *It's a bad thing to refuse the Weaver.*

    Surreal gritted her teeth and picked up the pace. *We'll talk about it later.*

    As soon as she saw the game trail, she recognized the place. This was where Daemon had brought them through the camp's perimeter. *I couldn't have found this place again by myself.*

    *You have a small snout,* the wolf said kindly. *You cannot smell tracks.*

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