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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(175) by Anne Bishop
  • Surreal looked at Graysfang—at Gray's fang—and smiled.

    "Let's go," she whispered. "Do you know the way to the shack?"

    *I know.*

    An hour later, she, Marian, Daemonar, and Graysfang were riding the Red Wind to the Keep.

    8 / Terreille

    "I think it's time we had a little talk," Hekatah said, trying to smile coyly at Daemon.


    Oh, the arrogance, the surliness, themeanness in that voice. If his father had been even half the man the son was...

    "It takes so long for a Realm to recover from a war, it would be foolish to go through with it if it can be avoided," she said, reaching up to caress his face as she wove a seduction spell around him.

    He stepped back. "Don't ever touch me without my permission," he snarled softly. "Not even Jaenelle is allowed to touch me without my permission."

    "And she submits?"

    He smiled that cold, brutal smile. "She submits to a great many things—and begs for more."

    Hekatah looked into his glazed eyes and shivered with excitement. The air was filled with the earthy tang of sex. She had him. He just didn't know it yet. "A partnership would serve us both well."

    "But you already have a partner, Hekatah—one I will not deal with in any way."

    She waved a hand dismissively. "She can be taken care of easily enough." She paused. "Darling Dorothea hasn't been sleeping well. I think I'll give her a little cup of something that will help."

    He stared at her with those glazed eyes, a man aroused to the point of being frightening—and terribly exciting.

    "In that case..." Daemon's hands cupped her face. His lips brushed against hers.

    She was disappointed by the gentleness—until hereally kissed her. Mean, dominating, unforgiving, demanding, painfully exciting.

    But she was demon-dead. Her bodycouldn't respond that way, couldn't...

    She drowned in that kiss, staggered by sensations her body hadn't felt in centuries.

    He finally raised his head.

    She stared at him. "How... It isn't possible."

    "I think we've just proved that's a lie," Daemon crooned. "I punish women who lie to me."

    "Do you?" Hekatah whispered, swaying. She couldn't look away from the cruel pleasure in his eyes. "I'll take care of Dorothea."

    He kissed her again. This time she felt the mockery in the gentleness. There was nothing gentle about him. Nothing.

    "I'll take care of Dorothea," she said again. "And then we'll be partners."

    "And I promise you, darling," Daemon purred, "you're going to get everything you deserve."

    9 / Terreille

    Dorothea woke up late in the morning and groaned at the pain in her belly. It felt like a year's worth of moontime cramps had settled in her gut. She couldn't get sick now.Couldn't. Maybe a cup of herbal tea or some broth. Hell's fire, she was cold. Why was she so damn cold?

    Shivering, she dragged herself out of bed—and fell.

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