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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(176) by Anne Bishop
  • After the shock came fear as she remembered the brew Hekatah had made for her last night. To help her sleep. What had she been thinking of not to test something that came from Hekatah's hand?

    She hadn't been thinking. Hadn't...

    That bitch. That walking piece of carrion must have used a compulsion spell on her to get her to drink it—and then to forget that she'd beenordered to drink it.

    Her muscles constricted, twisted.

    Not sick. Poisoned.

    She needed help. She needed...

    Her cabin door opened and closed.

    Gasping from the effort, she rolled onto her side and stared at Daemon Sadi.

    "Daemon," she whimpered, trying to hold out a hand toward him. "Daemon... help..."

    He just stood there, studying her. Then he smiled. "Looks like witchblood was part of last night's little brew," he said pleasantly.

    She couldn't draw a full breath. "You did this.You did this."

    "You were becoming a problem, darling. It's nothing personal."

    She felt the pain of the insult even through the physical pain. "Hekatah..."

    "Yes," Daemon purred, "Hekatah. Now, don't worry, darling. I've put an aural and a protective shield around your cabin, so you'll be quite undisturbed for the rest of the day."

    He walked out of the cabin.

    She tried to crawl to the door, tried to scream for help. Couldn't do either.

    It didn't take long for her world to become nothing but pain.

    Daemon closed the door of the prison hut he'd been using whenever he needed to stay somewhere for a little while. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he withdrew the Jewels he'd gone to Dorothea's cabin to retrieve—Saetan's Black ring; Lucivar's pendant, ring, and Ring of Honor. He knew her well, knew exactly where to probe for a hiding place. It hadn't taken him more than a minute to slip around her guard spells and lift the Jewels while he stood there and talked to her.

    He studied the Jewels and sighed with relief. Both men had put strong shields around the jewelry before handing them over to those bitches, so there was no way the pieces could have been tampered with or tainted. Still...

    Setting the Jewels into the washbasin, he poured water over them, added some astringent herbs for cleansing, then let them soak.

    This would be the last day, the last night. He could endure it that much longer.Had to endure it.

    He closed his eyes.Soon, sweetheart. A few more hours and I'll be on my way home, on my way back to you. And then we'll be married.

    Picturing Jaenelle slipping the plain gold wedding ring onto his finger, he smiled.

    And then he remembered the seduction spell Hekatah had woven around him. Oh, he'd been aware of it, could have easily broken it—but he had let his body respond to it while he touched Hekatah. Kissed Hekatah. Hated Hekatah.

    Just a game. A nasty, vicious game.

    He barely made it to the chamber pot before he was quietly, but thoroughly, sick.

    10 / Terreille

    "It's your turn, Prick."

    Because he was looking for it, because he knewwhat to look for, Lucivar saw the sick desperation in Daemon's eyes.

    So he remained passive while Daemon unchained him and led him into the other prison hut, the one closest to them. And he stayed impassive while Daemon feverishly rumpled the small bed.

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