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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(180) by Anne Bishop
  • "Let's go," he said abruptly.

    Daemon put a sight shield over both of them, and they slipped away from the camp.

    By the time they reached the place where they could catch the Winds, a cold, sharp wind had begun to blow.

    Saetan stopped, drew a breath through his mouth, tasted the air.

    "It's just the wind," Daemon said.

    "No," Saetan replied grimly, "it's not. Let's go."

    12 / Terreille

    Two hours later, Hekatah burst into Dorothea's cabin, waving a stubby clay cylinder. "We've been tricked. They're all gone. That thing in the prison hut isn't Lucivar, it's some kind of illusion. And Saetan ..." She hurled the cylinder across the room. "That bastard Sadilied to us."

    Lying on the floor where she'd been all day, Dorothea stared at Hekatah. As her bowels released more bloody flux, she started to laugh.

    13 / Kaeleer

    A storm had been gathering all night—thunder, lightning, wind. Now, as dawn approached, the wind had turned fierce, sounding almost as if it had a voice. "Come," Tersa said, helping Karla over to a couch. "You must lie down now. Morghann, come over here and lie on the floor."

    "What's going on?" Khardeen asked as Morghann obediently lay down on the floor near the couch. He retrieved a pillow and slipped it under his wife's head.

    "It would be better for all of you to sit on the floor. Even the Keep will feel this storm."

    The First Circle glanced at each other uneasily and obeyed.

    "What is it?" Karla asked when Tersa placed an arm protectively over her and rested the other hand on Morghann's shoulder.

    "The day has come for the debts to be called in and for the Blood to answer for what they've become."

    "I don't understand," Karla said. "What does the storm mean?"

    Lightning flashed. The wind howled.

    Tersa closed her eyes—and smiled. "She is coming."

    14 / Terreille

    He'd cut it too close. He hadn't expected the ride on the Winds to be that rough or that Saetan's physical endurance would give out so fast—or his own. They'd had to drop from the Red Wind to the Sapphire and finally, on the last part of the journey, down to the Green.

    They couldn't land at the Keep itself. Some kind of shields had come down all around the place. So he'd homed in on Lucivar's Ebon-gray Jewel—and the one small place in the shields that Lucivar was using his Jewels to keep open—and dropped them from the Winds as close as he could. It hadn't been close enough, not for two exhausted men trying to scramble up a steep mountain path.

    Now, with the gate in sight and Lucivar's mental urging to hurry, Daemon half carried Saetan up the slope, fighting a fierce, howling wind for every step.

    Almost there. Almost. Almost.

    The sky was getting lighter. The sun would lift above the horizon at any moment.

    Hurry. Hurry.

    "Saetan! SAE-TANNNN!"

    Daemon looked behind them. Hekatah was scrambling up the slope. The bitch must have ridden the Red Wind all the way in order to get there right behind them.

    Not wasting his breath to swear, he picked up the pace as best as could, dragging Saetan with him.

    "Sadi!" Hekatah screamed. "You lying bastard!"

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