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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(181) by Anne Bishop
  • "MOVE!" Lucivar shouted. He was using Craft to hold the gate open, straining physically and mentally to keep it from closing and locking them out.

    Closer. Almost there. Almost.

    Daemon grabbed the bars of the gate, used the strength in his Black Jewel to hold it open. "Get him inside," he said, shoving Saetan at Lucivar. Then he turned and waited.

    Hekatah came up the slope, stopped a few feet away. "You lying bastard."

    Daemon smiled. "I didn't lie, darling. I told you you were going to get everything you deserved." He let go of the gate. It slammed shut, and the last shield came down over it.

    As he turned and ran across the open courtyard, he heard Hekatah screaming. And he heard a wild howling, a sound full of joy and pain, rage and celebration.

    He crossed the threshold into the safety of the Keep a moment before Jaenelle unleashed the maelstrom.

    *You musst wake,* said a deep, sibilant voice. *Youmusst wake.*

    Daemon opened his eyes. It took him a moment to understand why everything looked a little...strange . , . and readjust. It took him another moment to confirm that he was still distantly linked to his body—and that his body was lying on the cold stone floor of the Keep where he and Lucivar and Saetan had fallen when Jaenelle unleashed her full strength.

    *You are the triangle who helped sshape the web of dreamss. Now you musst hold the dream. There iss not much time.*

    Groaning, he sat up and looked around. And was instantly wide-awake.

    Mother Night, where are we?

    He reached over Saetan's prone body and shook Lucivar.

    *Hell's fire, Bastard,* Lucivar said. He raised his head. *Shit.*

    Both of them reached for Saetan, shook him awake.

    *Father, wake up. We're in trouble,* Daemon said.

    *Now what?* Saetan growled. He raised himself up on his elbows. His eyes widened. *Mother Night.*

    *And may the Darkness be merciful,* Lucivar added. *Where are we?*

    *Somewhere in the abyss. I think.*

    Climbing carefully to their feet, they looked around.

    They were standing on the edge of a deep, wide chasm. Stretching across the chasm was an Opal web. Below them were webs the colors of the darker Jewels. Above them were webs the colors of the lighter Jewels.

    *What are we doing here?* Lucivar asked.

    *We're the triangle who helped shape the dream,* Daemon said. *We're supposed to hold the dream.*

    *Don't go cryptic on me, Bastard,* Lucivar growled.

    Daemon snarled at him.

    Saetan raised his hand. They both fell silent.

    *Who told you that?* Saetan asked.

    *A sibilant voice.* Daemon paused. *It sounded like Draca, but it was male.*

    Saetan nodded. *Lorn.* He looked around again.

    Far, far, far above them, lightning flashed.

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