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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(189) by Anne Bishop
  • "And if they are not?"

    Tears stung his eyes. "If they hadn't been the same, if I'd had to choose between the Queen and Jaenelle ... I never would have set foot in this place. Excuse me, Draca. "

    He started to rush past her, but he saw her hand move as if to hold him back. He could have avoided her easily, but, being who she was, he couldn't be that disrespectful.

    Her ancient hand moved slowly, came to rest on his arm.

    "The Queen of Ebon Asskavi iss gone," she said very quietly. "But sshe who iss Kaeleer'ss Heart, sshe who iss Witch, sstill livess."

    4 / Kaeleer

    "You'll take the income I've provided for you," Saetan snarled as he and Surreal walked through one of the Hall's gardens. He'd thought this would be a simple task, something to occupy a bit of time while he waited for Daemon to return from the Keep.

    Surreal snarled back. "I don't need a damn income from you."

    He stopped and turned on her. "Are you or are you not family?"

    She stepped up to him until they were toe to toe. "Yes, I'm family, but—"

    "Then take the damn income!" he shouted.

    "Why?" she shouted back.

    "Because I love you!" he roared. "And I want to give you that much."

    She swore at him.

    Hell's fire, why were his children all so stubborn!

    He leashed his temper. "It's a gift, Surreal. Please take it."

    She hooked her hair behind her ears. "If you're going to put it that way..."

    A wolf raised its voice in an odd series of yips and howls.

    "That's not Graysfang," Surreal said.

    Saetan tensed. "No. It's one of the pack from the north woods."

    Worry filled her eyes. "One of them has come back? Why does it sound like that?"

    "The Tigre use drums to signal messages—just for fun things, a dance, an impromptu gathering," Saetan replied absently. "The wolves became intrigued by it and developed a few particular howls of their own."

    The same series of yips and howls came again.

    "Graysfang could have mentioned that," Surreal grumbled. "What's that one mean?"

    "It means there's a message that should be heeded."

    The wolf raised its voice again in a different song. Then another wolf joined in. And another. And another.

    Listening, he started to cry—and laugh. There was only one reason the wolves raised their voices in quite that way.

    Surreal gripped his arm. "Uncle Saetan, what is it?"

    "It's a song of celebration. Jaenelle has come back."

    5 / Kaeleer

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