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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(25) by Anne Bishop
  • Daemon followed Lucivar up the staircase in the informal receiving room and through the labyrinth of corridors. After a couple of minutes of silence, he said, "You named him Daemonar."

    "It was the closest I could come and still keep the name Eyrien," Lucivar said quietly, his voice a little thick.

    "I'm flattered."

    Lucivar snorted. "Well, you would have been when he was an infant. Once he got his feet under him, he turned into a little beast." He raked a hand through his shoulder-length hair. "And it isnot all my fault. I didn't do this by myself. But nobody seems to remember that."

    "I can't imagine why," Daemon said dryly, watching Lucivar swell with indignation.

    "When he does something adorable, he's his mother's son. When he does something clever, he's the High Lord's grandson. But when he acts like a rotten little beast, he'smy son." Lucivar rubbed his chest. "Sometimes I swear he does things just to see if my heart will stop."

    "Like tonight?"

    Lucivar waved his hand dismissively. "No, that was just... just... shit. What can I tell you? He's a little beast."

    They turned a corner and almost ran into a lovely Eyrien woman. She wore a long, practical nightgown and clutched a thick book.

    "Your son," she said, spacing out the words, "is not a beast."

    "Never mind that," Lucivar said, narrowing his eyes. "Marian, why aren't you in bed? You should be resting today."

    Marian let out her breath in an exasperated huff. "I dozed for most of the morning. I played with Daemonar for a little while this afternoon, and then we both took a nap. I just got up to borrow a book. I'm going to get tucked back in before Beale brings up a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of biscuits."

    Lucivar's eyes narrowed a little more. "Didn't you eat today?"

    Daemon stared at Lucivar in amazement. Even an idiot—or an Eyrien male—should be able to tell that this woman was silently sputtering.

    "Uncle Andulvar checked on me to make sure I had eaten a good breakfast. Prothvar brought me a midmorning snack. I ate lunch with Daemonar. Sure that I must be starving, Mephis brought me a midafternoon snack. And your father already inquired about what I ate for dinner. I've been fussed over enough today."

    "I'm not fussing," Lucivar growled—and then added under his breath, "I haven't had a chance to fuss."

    Marian looked pointedly at Daemon. "Shouldn't you be looking after your guests?"

    "He's not a guest. He's my brother."

    Smiling warmly, Marian held out her hand. "You must be Daemon. Oh, I'm so glad you've finally come. Now I have another brother."

    Brother? Taking her hand, Daemon gave Lucivar a quizzical look.

    Running a possessive hand down Marian's waist-length hair, Lucivar said warmly, "Marian does me the honor of being my wife."

    And Daemonar's mother.The floor dropped out from under Daemon and then came up again fast and hard.

    Marian squeezed his hand, her eyes filled with concern. Lucivar's gaze was sharper.

    Emotions collided in him, banging against his fragile sanity. Unable to offer them any reassurances, he took a step back and began, again, the exhausting effort of regaining control of his feelings.

    Perhaps sensing that he needed time, Lucivar tugged at the book Marian held, trying to see the title.

    She clutched it harder and stepped away from him.

    "Is that a sniffle book?" Lucivar asked suspiciously.

    Marian opened and closed her wings with a snap. "A what?"

    "You know. One of those books that women like to read and get all weepy over. The last time you read one of those, you got upset when I came in to find out what was wrong. You threw the book at me."

    Marian's sputtering was no longer silent. "I didn't get upset because of thebook. You came storming into the room with weapons drawn and you scared me."

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