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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(31) by Anne Bishop
  • "Would you like to see her?" Saetan asked.

    "But ... if she's demon-dead..."

    "A meeting could be arranged here at the Hall. I could ask her if she would be willing."

    "Since you're the High Lord, I'm surprised you wouldn't just order her to come," Surreal said a bit tartly.

    Saetan chuckled. "Darling, I may be the High Lord, but I'm also male. I'm not about to give an order to a Black Widow Queen without a very good reason."

    Surreal narrowed her eyes. "I can't picture you as submissive."

    "I'm not submissive, but I do serve. You would be wise not to confuse those two things when dealing with the males in this court."

    Oh, wonderful.

    "Especially since you've formally declared yourself part of this family," Saetan added.

    Mother Night. "Look," Surreal said, leaning forward. "I didn't know anyone was using that name here."And I certainly didn't expect to meet them.

    "All things considered, you have as much right to that name as Kartane SaDiablo," he said cryptically. "And since youdid list it, you're stuck with the results."

    "Which are?" Surreal asked suspiciously.

    Saetan smiled. "The short version is, as the patriarch of this family, I am now responsible for you and you are answerable to me."

    "When the sun shines in Hell," Surreal shot back.

    "Be careful what conditions you set, little witch," he said softly. "Jaenelle has an uncanny—and sometimes disturbing—way of meeting someone's terms."

    Surreal swallowed hard. "She really is in Kaeleer?"

    Saetan held up the mark of safe passage that had been sitting on his desk. "Isn't that why you came?"

    She nodded. "I wanted to find out what happened to her."

    "Why don't you save those questions for Jaenelle. She'll be home in a few days."

    "She liveshere?"

    "This isn't her only home, but, yes, she lives here."

    "Does Daemon know?" she asked. "He wasn't at dinner."

    "He knows," Saetan said gently. "He's feeling a bit unsettled."

    "That's an understatement," she muttered. Then she thought of something else, something that had nagged at her curiosity for thirteen years. If there was anyone in the Realms who would know the answer, she figured it was the High Lord. "Have you ever heard of the High Priest of the Hourglass?"

    His smile had a sharp edge. "Iam the High Priest."

    "Oh, shit."

    His laughter was warm and full-bodied. "You're willing to snarl at me as the High Lord, the Steward, and the family patriarch, but knowing I'm the Priest knocks your feet out from under you?"

    Surreal glared at him. Put that way, itdid sound silly. But it was disconcerting to find out that the dangerous male she'd caught a whiff of that night at Cassandra's Altar was the same amused man sitting on the other side of the desk. "Then you can tell Daemon what happened that night. You can tell him what he doesn't remember."

    Saetan shook his head. "No, I can't. I can confirm what happened while we were linked, and I can tell him what happened after. But there's only one person who can tell him what took place in the abyss."

    Surreal sighed. "I'm almost afraid of what he'll find out."

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