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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(37) by Anne Bishop
  • Daemon looked at the gray-furred animal watching a group of women going through some kind of exercise with Eyrien sticks. "Yes."

    "Graysfang wants to be Surreal's friend. He's young and he doesn't have much experience with humans, especially the females. Apparently, in an effort to strengthen that friendship and improve his understanding of females, he joined Surreal while she was taking a shower. Since her head was under the water at the moment, she didn't realize he was there until he stuck his nose where he shouldn't have."

    "That would have improved his understanding of females," Daemon said dryly.

    "Exactly. Then, when he whined that he had soap in his fur, she dragged him all the way into the shower and washed him. So now he smells like flowers."

    Daemon bit his lip. "There's an easy remedy for that."

    Lucivar cleared his throat. "Well, there usually would be, but as soon as they got outside, she threatened to smack him if he got dirty."

    "Everything has a price," Daemon said in a choked voice. Noticing the woman Surreal was talking to, he gave Lucivar a sharp nudge. "Should Marian be doing something that strenuous during her moon time?"

    Lucivar hissed. "Don't you start." He stopped walking and studied the women through narrowed eyes. "I told her she could do one round of the warmup drill. She'll sneak a little more in under the guise of demonstrating the moves, but after that she'll be content to rest."

    Daemon looked at the women and then at Lucivar. "You told your wife how much she could do?"

    "Of course I didn't tell my wife," Lucivar said indignantly. "Do I look like a fool? The Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih told a witch who lives in his territory."

    "Ah. That's different."

    "Damn right it is. If I told my wife, she would have tried to dent my head with a stick."

    Daemon laughed as they continued toward the Eyrien warriors. "Now Iam sorry I missed it."

    Lucivar focused his attention on Falonar and Rothvar, who had just stepped into the practice circle, while Daemon watched Surreal and Marian go through a couple of moves.

    "Who is she?" Daemon asked when the spiky-haired witch joined the other women.

    Lucivar glanced at the women, then turned his attention back to the Eyrien warriors. "That's Karla, the Queen of Glacia. She's a Black Widow Queen and a Healer. One of three who have a triple gift."

    A triple gift and a big mouth,Daemon thought darkly.

    "You're excused from the practice today, but I'll expect you to be on time tomorrow," Lucivar said.

    Daemon sputtered. "I amnot going to drill with sticks against Eyrien warriors."

    Lucivar snorted and looked at Daemon's feet. "I've got some boots that will fit you until you can get your own made."

    "I'm not doing this."

    "Until the official transfer is made, I own the contract you signed, old son. You've got no choice."

    Daemon swore quietly, viciously.

    Lucivar started to step away from him to speak to Falonar.

    "Give me one good reason why I should put myself through this," Daemon demanded through clenched teeth.

    Lucivar turned back to him. "Do you understand how good I am with the Eyrien sticks?" he asked quietly.

    "I've seen you."

    "Jaenelle can put me in the dirt." Lucivar grinned when Daemon's jaw dropped. "Not often, I grant you, but she's done it."

    Daemon thought about that little nugget of information while Lucivar talked with the Eyrien males. He thought hard. When Lucivar returned, giving him a questioning look, he stripped off his jacket, rolled up his shirtsleeves, and growled, "Where are the damn boots?"

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