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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(39) by Anne Bishop
  • Sylvia's eyes widened. "This is theboy?"

    Daemon bristled until Saetan gave him a sharp mental jab.

    " 'Boy' is a relative term," Saetan said.

    "I'm sure it is," Sylvia replied, trying to school her face into an appropriate expression.

    Saetan just looked at her.

    "Well," Sylvia said too brightly, "I'll just go say hello to the coven and let the two of you sort this out."

    "Are you going to lend me that book?" Saetan asked, his lips curving in a knowing, malicious smile.

    "What book is that, High Lord?" Sylvia asked, attempting to look innocent while blushing furiously.

    "The one you won't admit to reading."

    "Oh, I don't think it would interest you," Sylvia mumbled.

    "Considering your reaction every time I've mentioned it, I think I would find it very interesting reading."

    "You could buy your own copy."

    "I would prefer to borrow yours."

    Sylvia glared at him. "I'll lend it to you on the condition thatyou admit to thecoven that you're reading it."

    Saetan said nothing. A faint blush colored his cheeks.

    Satisfied, Sylvia smiled warmly at Daemon. "Welcome to Kaeleer, Prince Sadi."

    "Thank you, Lady," Daemon replied courteously. "Meeting you has been highly instructive."

    Saetan hissed. Sylvia didn't waste any time removing herself from their company.

    As soon as she left, Saetan raked his fingers through his hair, then inspected the empty hand. "I understand perfectly why her father's hair fell out," he growled. "Mine just keeps getting grayer, for which, I suppose, I should be thankful."

    "She's a friend?" Daemon asked blandly.

    "Yes, she's a friend," Saetan snapped, putting too much emphasis on the last word. He gave Daemon a sour look. "Come on, puppy. You'd better sit down before you fall down."

    Daemon obediently followed his father into the official study, amused by and intensely curious about the edgy, defensive tone in Saetan's voice.

    By the time he'd gotten his rebelling muscles to yield enough to let him sit down, Andulvar Yaslana had joined him and Saetan.

    "You didn't do too badly for a novice," Andulvar said.

    "As soon as I can move again, I'm going to flatten his head," Daemon growled.

    Saetan and Andulvar exchanged an amused look.

    "Ah," Saetan said, "the centuries may pass, but the sentiment remains the same."

    "You said much the same thing the first time you and Lucivar pounded on each other," Andulvar said.

    Daemon studied the two men through narrowed eyes.

    "The two of you were only a couple of years older than Daemonar," Saetan said. "You found a long pole that was the right diameter for a child's hand, cut it in half, and then Lucivar set out to show you the drills he'd been practicing."

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