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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(58) by Anne Bishop
  • Seconds passed into minutes.

    "Mother Night," Falonar whispered. "She's making him work for it."

    Lucivar's chest glistened with sweat. Surreal could hear his deep, harsh breathing. Her own sweat chilled her skin when she saw the wild look in Jaenelle's eyes.

    She didn't know how much time had passed when, after half a dozen lightning-fast moves, Jaenelle lost her balance for a split second. Lucivar danced back just long enough to let her get her feet solidly under her before attacking again.

    "He could have put her on the ground right then and ended it," Falonar said softly.

    "He wants to work her, not get her mad enough to really go after him," Chaosti replied just as softly, stepping up behind Surreal.

    Finally, Hallevar yelled, "TIME!"

    Lucivar and Jaenelle circled, thrust, clashed.


    They broke apart, backed away.

    Hallevar strode into the circle and took the stick away from Lucivar. He looked at Jaenelle, hesitated, then backed off when Lucivar shook his head.

    "Come on, Cat," Lucivar gasped as he moved toward her. "We've got to walk to cool down."

    Her head snapped up. She braced her feet in a fighting stance.

    Lucivar held up his hands and kept moving forward.

    The wild look in her eyes faded. "Water."

    "Walk first," he said, taking the stick away from her.

    "Prick," she snarled halfheartedly, but she walked with him.

    "If you don't give me a hard time about it, you can even have breakfast." Lucivar handed the stick to Falonar as he and Jaenelle walked past. He took a couple of towels from Aaron, draped one over Jaenelle's neck, and began to rub himself down with the other.

    Looking around, Surreal noticed that Khardeen was also in the crowd, watching and alert. And she noticed, with a sigh of relief, that Saetan was talking quietly with Daemon.

    Turning back to Falonar, she brushed her fingers against the stick. "Do you think I'll ever get half that good with one of these?" She half expected some dismissive comment, but when he didn't answer, she looked up to see him studying her seriously.

    "If you can become half as proficient with this as she is, you'll be able to take down any male except an Eyrien warrior," Falonar said slowly. "And you'll be able to take down half of them as well." Then he looked at Marian. "Are you all right, Lady?"

    Marian let out a shuddering breath. "I'm fine, thank you, Prince Falonar. It's just... sometimes when they're so intense ..."

    Falonar bowed just enough to show respect, then left them to talk with Hallevar.

    "Are you really all right?" Surreal asked, drawing Marian a little ways away from the crowd.

    Marian's smile was a trifle strained. "Lucivar's always tense after he's been at the service fair, and he's been worried about Daemon."

    Looking back, Surreal saw Daemon walking toward the Hall with the High Lord. Well, that was one worry out of the way for the moment.

    She also noticed the way Jaenelle kept glancing at Daemon while Lucivar piled food on a plate. She smiled.

    "Usually I can help him relieve the tension," Marian continued.

    Her self-conscious expression told Surreal exactly how Marian helped relieve the tension. The woman had guts to get into a bed with a man like Lucivar when his temper was already on the edge.

    "Since that wasn't an option this time..."

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