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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(67) by Anne Bishop
  • "Nothing," she said in a small voice as she shifted a half step away from him. Then she added, "You lied to me. You didn't want Witch."

    The fire of anger washed through him, waking the part of him the Blood in Terreille had called the Sadist. When the anger cooled, another kind of fire took its place.

    His voice shifted into a sexual purr. "I love you. And I've waited a lifetime to be your lover. But you were too young, Lady."

    She raised her head, her body stiff with dignity. "I wasn't too young here, in the abyss."

    Slowly, he continued moving around the altar. "Your body had been violated. Your mind had shattered. But even if that hadn't been the case, you were still too young—even here in the abyss."

    He came up behind her. His fingers lightly brushed her hips, her waist. Moving upward, he spread his hands across her ribs, his fingers just brushing the undersides of her br**sts. He moved closer, smiling with savage pleasure as the fawn tail's nervous flicking teased and aroused him.

    He kissed the spot where her neck and shoulder joined. The first kiss was light and chaste. With the second kiss, he used his teeth to hold her still while the tip of his tongue caressed and tasted her skin.

    He could feel her heart pounding, feel each breathy pant.

    Leaving a trail of soft kisses up her neck, he finally whispered in her ear, "You're not too young anymore."

    She let out a breathless squeak when he gently rubbed himself against her.

    Suddenly his hands were empty, and he was alone.

    Hungry desire roared through him. He turned in a slow circle, searching, probing—the predator seeking his prey.

    The last thing he was fully aware of was the mist thickening and swirling up around him until there was nothing else.

    He struggled to get past the thick fog of sleep when something grabbed his arm and dragged him out of bed.

    Groggy, he tried to wake up enough to wonder why he was being pushed and prodded across the room.

    He didn't have any trouble waking up after Lucivar shoved him into the shower cubicle and turned on the cold water full blast.

    Daemon clawed at the dial until he managed to shut off the water. Bracing one hand against the wall, he tried to convince his cold-tightened muscles to let go of his lungs long enough for him to take a breath. Then he glared at Lucivar.

    "Jaenelle woke up in a similar mood," Lucivar said mildly. "Must have been an interesting night."

    "Nothing happened," Daemon growled as he swiped his hair back.

    "Nothing physical," Lucivar said. "But I've danced with the Sadist enough times to recognize him when I see him."

    Daemon just waited.

    Lucivar's lips curled into that lazy, arrogant smile. "Welcome to Kaeleer, brother," he said softly. "It's good to have you back." He paused at the bathroom door. "I'll bring you a cup of coffee. That and a hot shower ought to wake you up enough."

    "Enough for what?" Daemon asked warily.

    Lucivar's smile turned wicked. "You're late for practice, old son. But, all things considered, I'll give you another fifteen minutes to get to the field before I come looking for you again."

    "And if you have to come looking again?" Daemon asked too softly.

    "Trust me. If I have to come looking for you again, you're not going to like it."

    He already didn't like it. But he sipped the coffee Lucivar brought him while the hot water pounded his neck and back—and the Sadist began planning the quiet, gentle seduction of Jaenelle Angelline.

    Chapter Five

    1 / Kaeleer

    Alexandra walked through the corridors, Philip beside her. She would have preferred Leland's company rather than an unavailable male, but the way Philip had quickly offered to accompany her meant he wanted to discuss something with her in private without making it obvious.

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