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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(75) by Anne Bishop
  • Then Chaosti was there, his hands clamped on Aaron's right wrist. Lucivar's hands closed over hers, adding more force and strength.

    Aaron fought against them mindlessly, intent only on the kill.

    "Damn it, Aaron," Lucivar snarled. "Don't force me to break your wrist."

    Good luck,Surreal thought sourly as Lucivar's hands tightened on hers. She just hoped he remembered her hands were in the way before he started breaking bones.

    Aaron seemed far past the ability to hear them, but he reacted when an icy midnight voice said, "Prince Aaron,attend."

    Aaron began shivering uncontrollably. Lucivar quickly took the carving knife away from him and vanished it. Chaosti pried Aaron's right hand open, releasing Vania's hair.

    Vania kept screaming—had been screaming, Surreal realized, since the first jab.


    Ice instantly coated all the glasses on the table. Vania glanced in Jaenelle's direction and stopped screaming.

    "Prince Aaron," Jaenelle said too calmly."Attend."

    Flinching, Aaron slowly straightened up. Chaosti and Lucivar released him and stepped aside. Deathly pale, Aaron walked over to where Jaenelle stood and sank to his knees.

    "Wait for me in the High Lord's study," Jaenelle said.

    With effort, Aaron got to his feet and left the dining room.

    Surreal looked at those frozen sapphire eyes, felt the lightest brush of immense, barely controlled rage, and started to shake. Her legs gave out. She sat on the table.

    Jaenelle slowly approached the table and turned her eyes on Lucivar. "You knew about this."

    Lucivar took several shallow breaths before answering. "I knew."

    "And you did nothing."

    He swallowed hard. "I had hoped it would be taken care of quietly."

    Jaenelle just stared at him. Then, "I'll see you in the High Lord's study in thirty minutes, Prince Yaslana."

    "Yes, Lady."

    Those sapphire eyes pinned Chaosti next. "And you after him."

    "It will be my pleasure, Lady," Chaosti replied, his voice husky.

    Oh, I doubt that very much,Surreal thought, still shaking.

    Then Jaenelle looked at Vania—and the cold began to burn.

    "If you ever again cause one of my males any physical, mental, or emotional distress, I will hang you by your heels and skin you alive."

    No one spoke, no one moved until Jaenelle walked out of the room.

    Could she do that?Surreal wondered. She didn't realize she had spoken out loud until Lucivar made a sound that was a cross between a laugh and a whimper.

    "In the mood she's in right now? Not only could she do it, she wouldn't bother using a knife."

    Surreal looked at her own hands, thought about it for a moment, and then wondered if anyone would be upset if she threw up on the floor.

    "Surreal?" Lucivar's hand shook as he lifted her head up.

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