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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(86) by Anne Bishop
  • Don't we?Surreal thought viciously.What more do you need to see?

    As Osvald turned back toward Wilhelmina, Falonar loosed the arrow, sending it through the man's left knee.

    Osvald went down, screaming.

    Grabbing Surreal's left arm, Falonar dropped them off the roof—a jump barely slowed by his spread wings.

    "Guard the woman," Falonar said as he ran toward Osvald, the Eyrien bow now replaced by a bladed stick.

    "I can—"

    "Do as you're told."

    No time to argue. Calling in her meanest knife, Surreal ran toward Wilhelmina. She saw Osvald grasp Wilhelmina's ankle with his left hand and cursed his cleverness. Maybe someone else would know how to do it, but as long as he had physical contact with Wilhelmina, she couldn't throw a protective shield around the young woman. Then she saw sunlight flash on the short knife in his right hand—and knew by the mixture of rage and triumph on his face that the poison on that knife would be quick and lethal.

    Another flash in the sunlight. As Osvald's hand arced down to drive the knife into Wilhelmina's leg, Falonar sliced through the wristbones as easily as if they were soft butter, then turned the blade of his stick in order to catch the severed hand and the knife it still held and flip it away from Wilhelmina.

    The bladed stick flashed down again, severing the hand that grasped Wilhelmina's ankle.

    A moment later, Surreal reached Wilhelmina—and Lucivar and most of the First Circle males poured into the courtyard. So did Karla and Gabrielle.

    So did Alexandra and her entourage.

    It didn't turn out quite like you'd planned, did it?Surreal thought as she watched Alexandra scan the courtyard and turn sickly pale. Vanishing her knife, she placed one hand on Wilhelmina's back, the other hand on Graysfang as soon as he wobbled up to her, and created a Gray shield around the three of them. It probably wasn't necessary, but there was no reason to take chances. She looked at Falonar, who had positioned himself so that, the next time, the bladed stick would come down on the bastard's neck. She put a shield around him, too. She felt his surprise and pleasure when her shield settled around him—and wondered why he was afraid.

    Gabrielle rushed over to help the footman while Karla, without actually touching Osvald, used healing Craft to seal the severed blood vessels.

    "What's going on here?" Alexandra demanded, the sharp edge in her voice sounding more frightened than angry. "Why are you attacking one of my escorts?"

    "Did you send him?" Lucivar asked, an odd note in his voice.

    "I sent him to bring a gift to Wilhelmina," Alexandra said.

    There was something queer and bitter about Lucivar's laugh. "And the bastard delivered it, didn't he?"

    "When I went to deliver the gift, Lady Wilhelmina wasn't feeling well," Osvald whimpered. "I offered to walk with her so that she could get some fresh air. Then thatcreature attacked us."

    Lucivar looked at Osvald, then at Falonar. "If that bastard says anything else, cut his tongue out."

    Falonar looked shocked, but nodded.

    "How dare you?" Alexandra said. "You're so quick to make demands tome about controlling my court, yet you allow this—"

    "Shut up,"Lucivar snapped. "Things are bad enough right now. Don't make it worse."

    Surreal gave Lucivar a sharp look. What was going on here?

    Shivering, Graysfang moved closer to her. *Queen's rage is bad, Surreal. Males fear Queen's rage. Even Kaelas.*

    Following the wolf's gaze, Surreal saw the huge white cat standing on the roof next to a tiger. That was Kaelas?Mother Night!

    *Who's the tiger?* she asked.

    *That is Jaal. He is Dejaal’s sire.*

    Surreal swallowed hard. The tiger was dwarfed by Kaelas, but he was still twice as large as the young tiger lying in the courtyard. *Dejaal is dead, isn't he?*

    *He has returned to the Darkness,* Graysfang said sadly.

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