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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(87) by Anne Bishop
  • How were they going to explain this to Jaenelle?

    As if the thought had conjured the woman, Jaenelle walked into the courtyard, flanked by Daemon and Saetan.

    Surreal might have taken some comfort in their presence if the High Lord's face hadn't turned gray at the sight of Dejaal's body.

    Alexandra started to speak, but before she could make a sound, her hands flew up to her throat and her eyes became wide and terrified.

    Surreal wasn't sure which one of the males had acted, but she would have bet it was Daemon who had created the phantom hand that was now choking Alexandra into silence.

    Everyone moved out of the way as Jaenelle walked over and knelt beside Dejaal. The hand that caressed the fur was gentle and loving, but the eyes that finally looked up and focused on Wilhelmina...

    What Surreal saw in those sapphire eyes went so far beyond cold rage there were no words for it.

    Yes, there were, she realized as Graysfang whimpered softly.This was what the wolf had meant by Queen's rage.

    Hell's fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful.

    She said the only thing she could think of, the only thing that, she hoped, would release her from those eyes. "She's alive."

    Jaenelle looked at Karla, who bowed formally before walking over to examine Wilhelmina.

    "You said the right thing," Karla whispered to Surreal as she examined Wilhelmina. Then she swore and added, "Whatever else you do, follow Protocol to the letter." Taking a deep breath, she stood up and faced Jaenelle. "Wilhelmina has some bruises from the struggle—and she's been heavily drugged."

    "Can you counteract it?" Jaenelle asked too calmly.

    "I need more time to determine the exact nature of the drug that was used," Karla answered quietly. "But I'm sensing nothing that will cause permanent harm. My recommendation is closely supervised isolation and rest. With your permission, I'll take her to her room now and look after her."

    "Thank you, Sister."

    Responding to Karla's slight gesture, her cousin, Morton, picked up Wilhelmina and followed Karla out of the courtyard.

    Surreal remained crouched beside Graysfang, unwilling to make a movement that would draw those sapphire eyes back in her direction.

    "What about me?" Osvald whimpered.

    Falonar glanced at Lucivar, silently asking if he should carry out his order and cut out the man's tongue. Lucivar shook his head, the barest of movements.

    Jaenelle crossed the courtyard, looked down at Osvald, and smiled. "I'm going to take care of you personally."

    Lucivar leaped forward. "Lady, with respect, Dejaal was our Brother, and it's the males' right—"

    Jaenelle silenced him by simply raising her hand. For a moment, she just stood there, but Surreal felt the flick of power that burst from her as a quickly expanding psychic probe—and realized that no one wearing a Jewel lighter than the Gray would have sensed anything at all.

    "There are three men waiting by the bridge that leads to Halaway," Jaenelle said. A terrible glitter filled her eyes as she looked at Osvald. "Three strangers. I don't care what you do with them."

    Osvald floated to an upright position. When Jaenelle turned and walked out of the courtyard, he floated after her, protesting his innocence.

    "Kalush and Morghann are coming," Gabrielle said, her eyes filling with tears. "We'll stay with Dejaal until..."

    Pointing at Alexandra, Lucivar looked at Falonar. "You and Surreal escort these... people ... to their rooms." He paused. "Ifany of them give you any trouble, kill them."

    "My pleasure," Surreal said. Falonar just nodded.

    Lucivar left the courtyard, followed by the other Warlord Princes in the First Circle. When Daemon turned to follow them, Saetan said, "No. You stay with me."

    Quickly rounding up her prisoners, Surreal hurried them—and Falonar and Graysfang—out of the courtyard. She didn't know what the High Lord had in mind, but she'd rather not be around while they discussed it.

    Daemon stepped aside as Morghann and Kalush rushed into the courtyard.

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