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  • Queen of the Darkness(Black Jewels,Book 3)(92) by Anne Bishop
  • 1 / Kaeleer

    Lord Jorval settled into a chair in Kartane SaDiablo's sitting room. "Your meeting with the Healer has been delayed."

    "Why?" Kartane said sharply. "I had thought it was all arranged."

    "It was," Jorval soothed. "But there was an... incident... at the Healer's residence, so it will be a few more days before she can meet with you."

    "You could insist," Kartane said. "Perhaps she doesn't realize how important I—"

    "It would do no good to insist," Jorval interrupted. "When she comes here, you want her attention on you, not on some domestic trivia."

    "Then I suppose I have no choice but to wait."

    Jorval rose. "No choice at all."

    An incident has occurred that requires postponing...

    An incident,Jorval thought as he walked back to his own home. That was how the High Lord had so carefully, so courteously phrased it. Since the men who had been in Halaway to assist the escort had suddenly disappeared, and there was no word from or sign of the escort, he had a good idea what sort of "incident" was delaying Jaenelle Angelline's trip to Little Terreille.

    Which meant he had to inform the Dark Priestess that, in all probability, Alexandra was no longer a useful tool.

    Hekatah wouldn't be pleased about that, would probably come to Little Terreille in a foul temper—which she would take out on him.

    But, perhaps, he could redirect that temper. Perhaps now would be a good time to take care of that other little problem.

    Reaching his home, he rushed into his study and penned a quick note to Lord Magstrom.

    2 / Kaeleer

    "Where is my escort?" Alexandra demanded as soon as she took a seat in the High Lord's study. After being confined for two days, she felt relieved to be out of her room, but she felt no relief at being inthis room—or being withhim.

    Saetan leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers, resting the long, black-tinted nails against his chin. His gold eyes looked sleepy—just as they had when he'd first seen her.

    Conscious of the chill in the room, she pulled her shawl more tightly around herself.

    "It's interesting that Osvald is the first person you ask about," Saetan said too mildly.

    "Whoshould I have asked about?" Alexandra snapped, fear making her voice sharp.

    "Your granddaughter, Wilhelmina. She is recovering from the drugs that bastard gave her. There will be no permanent damage."

    "Of course there's no damage. He only gave her a mild sedative."

    "What he gave her was a great deal more than amild sedative, Lady," Saetan replied, his own voice turning sharp.

    Alexandra hesitated. He was lying. Of course he was lying.

    Saetan looked at her, curious. "I keep wondering what sort of payment Dorothea and Hekatah offered you that was worth your granddaughter's life."

    She shot out of the chair. "You're insulting!"

    "Am I?" he replied, his voice returning to that infuriating—and frightening—mildness.

    "I wasn't selling Wilhelmina to Dorothea, I was just trying to get her away from you!"

    A queer look came over his face. "Yes, that always seems sufficient justification, doesn't it? Just get the child away from me and be damned to what happens to the child. A lifetime of pain, of humiliation and torture, is certainly better than being with me."

    Alexandra settled back in the chair and watched him. He had turned inward, following some private thought—and she didn't think he was talking about Wilhelmina anymore.

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