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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(101) by Anne Bishop
  • Kermilla lifted her chin to indicate the tavern two doors down from where she had arranged to meet Garth and Brok. She hadn’t heard from her boys since they’d been taken away by those nasty guards the other day, so it was a good thing they’d set up this meeting before they separated. “Trae, go inside and see if they’re still in there.”

    Trae hesitated. “I’m the only escort you brought today. I can’t leave you unattended, Lady.”

    “You can if I say you can.” She tapped her foot to indicate she was annoyed. He used to smile and give in when she did that. Now he looked uneasy. “Fine,” she said. “I’ll walk down with you and stand outside. It isn’t suitable for me to go into a tavern.”

    “You went into the tavern back home,” Trae said.

    Kermilla stiffened. “I never did. That was an aristo establishment for fine wines and conversation.”

    “As the Lady pleases,” Trae replied.

    As good as calling her a liar without saying anything that could justify discipline.

    They walked to the tavern, and Trae stepped inside the doorway. Moments later he stepped out with a young Warlord. “This is a friend of Garth’s.”

    “Please tell Lords Garth and Brok that I’m waiting.” Kermilla put a little chill in her voice.

    “Can’t,” the Warlord replied. “They’re gone.”

    She frowned. “Gone? Gone where?”

    The Warlord shifted his weight from one foot to the other and looked at Trae instead of her. “They weren’t supposed to go into the landen part of town. Queen’s command.”

    Kermilla rolled her eyes. “Oh,la. I countermanded that order.”

    “Well, you should have told that to the Master of the Guard,” the Warlord said hotly. “Talon came for them last night, and nowthey’re gone. ”

    She forgot how to breathe. That fierce, maimed old Warlord Prince had come for her boys? “He exiled them?”

    “Don’t know. The courtesy fingers weren’t on their father’s doorstep this morning, so maybe they were just sent away.”

    “Courtesy fingers?” Trae asked.

    The Warlord shook his head and backed away. “I’ve said enough. You want to know anything more, you ask Prince Grayhaven.”

    “I will,” Kermilla huffed as the Warlord hurried away. “I certainly will.”

    “Lady,” Trae said quietly. “I think it would be better if Jhorma and I asked about the fingers. I don’t think you’re going to like the answer.”

    “Let’s go back to the mansion,” Kermilla said. “That’s not the only answer I want from Prince Grayhaven.”

    The biggest one being where he had gone so early this morning. And why Correne had gone with him.

    When he got back from his discussions with all the merchants, Theran found another package on his desk: a small, plain wooden box.

    He knew what that box meant. Anyone who lived in Dena Nehele knew what it meant.

    Using a psychic thread, he summoned Julien, his new butler. He picked up the folded and wax-sealed paper that had been on top of the box, but he didn’t break the seal or open the paper.

    “Prince Grayhaven?” Julien took one step into the room and came no farther until he looked around and confirmed there were no females present. Then he approached the desk.

    Julien was a Warlord who had a handsome face and a cold temper. Like Gray, his body had been tortured—and scarred. When he applied for the butler’s position, he’d told Theran straight out that he would gut any woman who tried to ride him, but as long as Theran kept theLadies away from him, he’d be pleased to have the job.

    After seeing Julien sharpen the cook’s knives one afternoon, Theran made sure the man was never alone with Kermilla or Correne.

    “When did this arrive?” Theran asked.

    “I found it early this morning on the table where visitors’ calling cards are left,” Julien replied. “You were already gone, so I put it in the butler’s pantry to avoid upsetting the other servants. I meant to give it to you when you returned this morning, but you left so soon after . . .”

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