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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(106) by Anne Bishop
  • “When we made this appointment with Ranon, he did tell us that the Queen may not be available,” Hikaeda said.

    “See?” Cassidy said, trying to tug the bucket out of Devra’s hand. A futile effort.

    Ranon sent out a psychic call for help. He’d already learned that when Cassidy and Devra squared off to argue about something, there was only one person in the house who was willing to step in and deal with two stubborn women.

    *Cassie? Cassie!*

    Vae appeared in the doorway and looked up at Cassidy’s back. Or more likely, at Cassidy’s ass since that was Vae’s preferred spot to nip.

    *Ranon will talk to the other males and show them male things.*

    Cassidy pressed her lips together, and her face turned bright red. Devra just looked interested. All five Warlord Princes squirmed.

    *You will work with Shira and Devra. Then you will eat. Then you will not work. It is time to work now. Shira is waiting for you.*

    Vae trotted off, no doubt to wait at the back door.

    “If you will excuse us,” Devra said tightly, “it is time to work now. The Sceltie said so.” She walked out of the room.

    “It was a pleasure to see you, gentlemen,” Cassidy said. She hurried to catch up to Devra.

    No one said anything for several moments.

    “You called the Sceltie to deal with the Queen?” Elendill asked.

    “Oh, yeah,” Ranon replied. “Some days I think if we’d had Vae planning tactics, we could have defended our people even better than we did.”

    Ferall laughed softly. “Well, let’s get on with these male things we’re supposed to do.”

    “What would you like to see?” Ranon asked.

    All the humor in their faces faded away. Ferall said, “Whatever you choose to show us.”

    A careful phrasing, but Ranon knew that what wasn’t shown would be as important as whatwas shown. In Ferall’s place, he would have paid attention to both. “Are you all comfortable with doing some walking?”

    Ferall nodded.

    “Then let me show you what the Queen’s presence has done for Eyota.”

    He began with the Queen’s square, introducing them to Shaddo’s wife, who was standing outside the family’s cottage with a look of grim amusement on her face.

    “Shaddo already left to do a circuit around the village,” Soli said. “Do you need him?”

    “No,” Ranon replied. Since she looked like she was edging toward a hissy cat mood, he added, “Anything I can do for you?”

    “Thanks, but it’s been taken care of.”

    Since he knew whatthat meant, he led a retreat that didn’t look hasty for all its speed.

    “Problem?” Ferall sounded amused.

    “Not for us,” Ranon replied.

    “Then who?” Rikoma asked.

    The answer came trotting up the street.

    “For Eryk and Eliot, Shaddo’s sons,” Ranon said.

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