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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(119) by Anne Bishop
  • *Yeah?*

    *We didn’t know where else to put it, so we brought the body to the Healing House.* Archerr hesitated. *Keep Shira away from here. Shaddo and I have had a closer look at what Darkmist did to this bastard and . . . Keep Shira away from here. Cassidy too.*

    *Can you put a shield around the Healing House to keep everyone out?*

    *I can. I have, in fact. I’d rather not be inside with . . .that . . . more than I have to.*

    “Why would Kermilla do that?” Cassidy asked. “Why?”

    “Come on, Cassie,” Gray said gently. “Come away now.”

    Ranon watched Gray lead Cassie out of the room.

    *Ranon?* Janos called.

    Mother Night. *Where are you? Are you okay?*

    *We’re fine. Reyhana and I got back from a ride and . . . Could you tell Kief to let us go? He’s got us trapped in a stall, and he says we can’t leave until you say it’s safe.*

    On another day, that would have been funny. *We’ve had some trouble, Prince Janos. Khollie’s been hurt.*

    *How bad?*

    *Don’t know yet. Here are my orders for you and Kief: Both of you escort Reyhana back to the Residence. I want all three of you shielded, you hear me?*

    *Yes, sir. I hear you.*

    Andhe heard the Warlord Prince in his brother’s voice.

    “I’ll be in my office if you need me.” Powell touched his arm—a gesture full of understanding—before following Cassidy and Gray out of the room.

    “Burne and I will head over to Main Street and see what needs to be done,” Spere said.

    Ranon nodded. “Jaego was on the street and probably already alerted Rogir, but pull in everyone you can to ride circuits. Make sure the landen community is put on alert, too. I don’t know what kind of game that bitch was trying to play, but we’re not giving her a second chance at it.”

    “I’ll do that,” Cayle said.

    “And you, Ranon?” Spere asked.

    “Shaddo, Archerr, and I will hold the Queen’s square. Once Talon rises . . .”

    Hours yet. It would be hours yet. And all any of them could do was wait.

    Talon pressed two fingers against the deceased Warlord’s head, then took a step back, shuddering.

    Felt like pebbles in a bag of mush. It would have been less disturbing if the head had exploded from the blast of power. They’d all done that on a killing field at one time or other. But having the ability to explode bone and brains and still leave the skin intact indicated a frightening level of skill in the use of Craft and power.

    More than frightening since that level of skill belonged to a dog who wore Birthright Opal and was still growing into his full strength.

    “Have you seen anything like this, Talon?” Archerr asked.

    The First Circle—and Gray—had gathered at the Healing House to look at this corpse. Talon scanned their faces. Wasn’t one of them who wasn’t sickly pale. Not that he blamed them for that. He was demon-dead, and even he was finding it hard to be in this room.

    “No, I haven’t,” Talon replied. “Passing flesh through flesh is dangerous to the point of stupidity. Healers do it, sinking their hands into a person to heal injuries inside the body, but that’s a controlled, steady movement, and they spend years training to do it so they don’t lose parts of themselves within the other flesh.”

    “This was fast,” Ranon said, his voice oddly hushed. “So damn fast. I thought he missed. Until I saw the blood on Darkmist’s muzzle and the heart, I thought he missed the bastard.”

    “Shaddo and I were behind this one,” Archerr said, tipping his head to indicate the corpse. “Damned queer feeling, seeing the dog disappear like that. We weren’t even sure what we’d seen.”

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